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    Infernal Sprites

    Here are some of my sprites. They're probably not the greatest but I hope you can enjoy them nonetheless. The ones to the left are the oldest. Here is a scatch sprite I made. And here is a sprite sized pixelover of Black Kyurem.
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    Fanal!'s sprite thread

    Here are some of my sprites. I know I'm not the best spriter out here but I hope that you can enjoy my work. C+C would be appreciated.
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    Pokémon Safety Exercise: Ancient Island

    Pokémon Safety Exercise: Ancient Island :587: ‘I’m Emon and this is Pokémon Safety Exercise: Ancient Island.’ Rules 1) Obey the SPPF rules. 2) No bashing and/or flaming. 3) Listen to me and the co-owner. 4) If you don’t respond to 3 challenges in a row your contestant will be auto...
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    My Battle Subway team

    This is a team I've thought up for the Battle Subway (duh) C+C would be appreciated. :632: Durant @ Muscle Band Jolly Hustle 4HP/252Atk/252Spd Hone Claws X-scissor Stone Edge Shadow Claw :593: Jellicent @ Leftovers Bold Water Absorb 248HP/216Def/44 Spd Scald Recover...