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  1. J

    Sun and Moon Demo Discussion Thread

    So far, I actually loved the tiny demo. Honestly, the few things that I spotted and find amusing: -Upon fighting the final boss of the demo, ain't telling which, should the enemy use certain stat boosting move like Swords Dance, you can clearly see the stat buff by tapping on the pokemon with...
  2. J

    Ultra Beasts Discussion Thread

    Ultra Beasts = Georgio Tsukolos from Ancient Aliens Theories confirmed. Really, do any of you watch Ancient Aliens on History Channel? That was my initial reaction on these things.
  3. J

    Community POTW #146

    KillerDraco, whoa! #NewPostersarenotWelcome? I hopw Smokin' Weedle does not take that realistic criticism (or harsh pointing? I'm not sure) too seriously. I can definitely agree with everything you said. But how much value would Darumaka have in little cup? It's no Mienfoo, but it would be a...
  4. J

    Community POTW #145

    This FYI must be added to if possible for strategy origins is neat to have. Oh Smogon. They are such an influence where a Smogon Memer's mane is almost unheard off save for the name if his / her iconic Suicune set. Like, couldn't they had just called it Cromat's Suicune Set?
  5. J

    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Here are my takes on thenewly revealed mons. I'll be honest that these are starting to show that they are looking back at their past projects. Charles Darwin had won the hearts of the Pokemon Developers to the point that only now do they make Darwin's legendary theory be a part of the game...
  6. J

    Community POTW #145

    I do not get as to what the Crocune word means (I thought it meant Crobat + Suicune). Please clarify me. But honestly, being one of my favorite legendaries and an advocate of the cute mythical Pokemon, it usually runs 3 sets that all of us here can easily say in detail. Either you: a. Go...
  7. J

    New Moves & Abilities Discussion Thread

    While this hype for the three highlight abilities, Stakeout, Dazzling, and Corrosion, are VERY HIGH right now in casual competitive Smgon battles, online rankings, and VGC, just think of the scary implementations of those three in Smogon's Monotype Format, Hackmons, and their own made Almost Any...
  8. J

    Knowing and Overcoming Out-Group Homogeneity Bias

    After watching this video on Matthew Patrick's tale from visiting and talking with the one and only Pope Francis, this gets me thinking and curious about the prevailing pros and cons of Social Anthropological Principle of Out-Group Homogeneity Bias (let's initialism it to SAPO-GHB to make...
  9. J

    General Character Discussion Thread

    I don't know just how much of an ok idwa would this be. But I kinda hope that our Rotomdex plays as an influential character with a plot throughout the game. That goes the same with AZ's Floette (possibly evolves to a Florges Eternal Flower) and AZ himself making an appearance and give you a...
  10. J

    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Speaking of the three starters, if I were to see the 5th slot being the place for HMs, I believe they can only be obtained once they complete the gyms in relation to the current location of the islands and the island on where the starters are revered / worshipped. They will not be used in...
  11. J

    New Gameplay Features/Mechanics Discussion Thread

    You know what they could include in the mini games of Amie? Ally all of the Minigames from Pokemon.Com for those who are members of Pokemon.Com
  12. J

    New Gameplay Features/Mechanics Discussion Thread

    The best way I could see this 5th slot is that you can teach all pokemon a single HM. But you will not use them in a battle
  13. J

    New Moves & Abilities Discussion Thread

    Say Slaking gets a Hidden ability like that scrappy so that Truant can be dumped for good. Would just the base stats be so good in OU that it will get banned? I always struggle to understand the great fear of this pokemon once Truant gets replaced or Slaking obtains a new hidden ability.
  14. J

    New Gameplay Features/Mechanics Discussion Thread

    Hidden Power. While we know it is a highly valuable move in all aspects, there is one thing that almost no one talks about. The typing is not clear on the Pokemon you teach it too. Since this thing's type will depend on IV's (which there is currently NO EXISTING EASY WAY to see it). It would...
  15. J

    Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

    I just read your argument with the two others in here. But if I were going to be a game designer, I honestly would remodel the Exp. Share and the way that both Gen 5 and Gen 6 designed their level up mechanics. Steps for a Progressive Experience Share: 1. You will get the very basic and...
  16. J

    New Moves & Abilities Discussion Thread

    I give Slaking's base stats a double check. It is at 670 whereas most would be either at 600 or 700 and above. So the reason why everyone find this thing scary should its truant be replaced is because its base stats already carry it to OU standards? Am I getting it right? Slaking with any other...
  17. J

    Destruction or Destroying of any Culture

    All of the answers so far are interesting. But some of the respondents here are nailing my question right. Contingency is something I never thought of, but it was there in the back of my mind. Utopia is DEFINITELY NOT a thing I can believe in. My thought process would be a saying listed below...
  18. J

    Pros and Cons of Federalism Country

    For those that may not know save for a few Fil-Ams in this forum, the recent president of the Philippines named Rodrigo Duterte will turn the country's state from a Democratic State to a Federalism State in about 2-3 years (somewhere in 2018-2019). Others would include death penalty and public...
  19. J

    New Gameplay Features/Mechanics Discussion Thread

    When it comes to game Difficulty Gameplay feature is such a big demand and hope, I'm interested to know as to what style of Difficulty game design should be? a. From the get go of creating a new file, and fixed in that difficulty permanently (like the Fire Emblem Series) b. Available from the...
  20. J

    Team Skull, Aether Foundation and Plot Discussion Thread [Contains Story Spoilers]

    FINALLY SOMEONE GOT MY IDEA references! Pretty much, pull out inspiration from the plots and scripting of Bayonetta. To put that idea further, I would say that some Reverse Psychology in plot and gameplay for the in-game story could work. This script idea was done on B2W2's movie sci-fi role...