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    The Drawn to Life Club!

    Welcome to the Drawn to Life Club! Here, we can speak in safety about the wonders and amazingness of the game and it's characters. Whether you've been a fan of the series ever since the first game came out or you're new to this amazing series and want some advice, this is the place for you. Feel...
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    Psyched: A Crossover of Many Fandoms

    Rated PG-13 for some language, mild crude humor, and violence at times. Anyhow, this fanfiction was inspired by a certain fanfiction that I haven't finished quite yet, but I'm planning to in the future. Anyhow, be warned. This fanfiction is very different from my other fanfiction. Very, very...
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    [SU]Scramble [PG-13]

    Everything has been scrambled and screwed ever since the majority of the legendary Pokemon came down from who-knows where, turned themselves into Gijinkas, and started to live with normal humans. For thousands of years, the legendaries were, well, legends. Now, you could pass one by on the way...
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    [PG-13] Broken Shadows [SU]

    вroĸeɴ ѕнαdowѕ A RPG by wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle ploт Many years ago, Gijinkas and Pokemorphs were not free. They were slaves. Even though they had been created by Arceus, like humans, the humans viewed them as abominations of nature and detested them The regions of Kanto and Johto viewed this...
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    The (Spoofy) Adventures of Winter and Flame!

    Welcome to my comic, The (Spoofy) Adventures of Winter and Flame! This is a hand-drawn original comic. I don't have Photoshop, or a tablet for that matter, so it will remain hand-drawn until then.
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    The Fourth Hope (A Warriors/Pokemon Crossover)

    Yo. It's me, Winter. This is not my first fanfic, but this is my first fanfic involving Pokemon. If you haven't read the third or fourth Warriors series, you might want to, because this does have slight spoilers for those series. It'll be rated PG-13, so here we go... Chapter List: Prolouge (on...
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    Cave Story (SU)

    This RPG is rated PG-13, for violence and slight language. Cave Story isn't my idea, all rights go to Pixel Studios. The island had always been there, floating in the sky. People couldn't imagine life without it just floating there. It never showed signs of anything, whatsoever. Eventually...
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    The Last Echo of Love (Warriors: IvyxHawk Shipping fic)

    I've always wondered, ever since Fading Echoes (second book in the fourth warriors saga) how IvyxHawk shipping would work out. I've decided to find out. I've never actually written a romantic fan-fic before, so I might be a little... ameturish. But I will learn. Rated PG-13, for romance and...
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    Cave Story Discussion

    So... I wondered if anyone knew about Cave Story here, so I made this. Yes, Cave Story isn't originally Nintendo, but there is a Wii/DSiware app for it, as well as a 3Ds game. To start the discussion, who's your favorite character? I really like Balrog. He looks like a flying toaster, and his...
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    Warriors (Rated PG-13)

    Sign Ups are located here, and they're always open. Smokestar Leader of Thunderclan Smokestar looked up into the almost-full moon. He had waited long for this day. It was the day after the Gathering, a time when all five clans met in peace. It was a time when the clans shared tounges...
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    Rockclan's Future (A Warriors Fanfiction Tale)

    Hello, everyone! It's me, WBR. What we have here is a Warrior Cats Fanfiction. Rockclan was an idea I had when I was younger, and I feel that now that I've read all of the Warriors Books that are out, I can write a successful fanfiction. This fic is rated PG-13, for mild scenes of violence...
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    Warriors (SU)

    Note: All rights of the Warrior Cats series go to Erin Hunter. I'm just using their universe for this RPG. News: RPG Thread has started! http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=13861559#post13861559 This RPG is PG-13, for violence. Otherwise, it’s pretty clean. Plot: “Long ago, the...
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    >^.^< The Warrior Cats Fanclub >^.^<

    Welcome to the Warrior Cats Fanclub! This is a place where you can discuss Warriors in peace. Do you want to share your feelings on how one of the books was written, or how'd they do a movie? About how Firestar is the best in some people's opinions, but others hate him? You've come to the...
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    The Fandomverse (PG)

    Plot:In the year 2016, humans have advanced in technology father than anyone could have imagined. Now, there’s flying cars, teleportation devices, gaming systems that warp you into the game, and things like that. Everything was in order, and no one expected anything odd to happen. Until one day...
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    (Drawn to Life) Hobbes' Shadow (PG)

    Author's note: This story is told from different characters points of view. Don't get confused. Whenever I type "***", it means I'm switching characters. Chapter 1 I sat on top of my bed. Looking up, all I saw was shadow. "Why did you leave us?" I angrily picked up my lamp and threw it...
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    Pokehumans: Signup *REPOST*

    Note: 1: This is the same RP I made, but it follows the rules. No idea what I was thinking there, not reading the rules. 2. Pokehuman=Ginjinka, but in this RPG, please say Pokehuman. Story: 30 years ago, an evil orginazation called Team Shadow started capturing and experimenting on...
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    Pokehumans: Sign Up

    I'll post my characters soon enough, but until then, happy RPing! Winter
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    I'm A Winter Breeze and I'm New

    Hello, Serebii Forums! I am Winterbreezesrule, but you can call me Winter, Winterbreezes, or T.W.B.T.R. (The Winter Breeze That Rules). Favorite PKMN Game: Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver Favorite Other Game: Animal Crossing: Wild World Favorite PKMN: Delcatty I'm sorry to say I am not...