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    Kissshipping Official Discussion(All-new)

    This is the brand new version of Kissshipping. The old one has closed because it was 30 days old. As we all know, kissshipping is the shipping between Ash/Satoshi,and Melody/Flura from PKMN 2000. If you are the fan of Ash,and Melody, you come to the right place. We can share everything that has...
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    The new Kissshipping Discussion

    Welcome Kissshipping fans. This is a new version of Kissshipping Discussion, the thread that dedicated to the love between Ash,and Melody; Satoshi,and Furura. Since the old one was closed because it was 30 days old, I happens that I developed the new one. Just want to let you know that I'm sorry...
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    Kissshipping Club.

    Thanks to an approvement by Psiumbreon, this one is now open. This is my very first club, so please be honest. Welcome to the new Kissshipping Club. Can't you believe that nobody had ever create this....anyway, this club is to talk and share stuff about Kisssshipping. You can put (Ash,and...