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    A new tier, a new team.

    So i have played competetive for not so long and it has mostly been in the OU tier and i've gotten pretty bored of see constant weather, ferrothorns, and things like that. I've heard of RU awhile back but i never made any moves towards making a team and playing in this teair. I'm really new to...
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    Best/Worst Metronome moments

    The title pretty much says it all, what are your best and worst moments using metronome. My best moment was yesterday as i restarted my soulsilver my topepi had metronome and going against a sandshrew it used metronome, " togepi used dark void" the following turn togepi used metronome again"...
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    So i'm pretty new to competitive and WiFi battles. This is the first team that I've put together and its been doing okay. My main goal of this team is to counter common OU stuff and have pretty good coverage as well. and no, there isn't a probopass. I know its far from perfect and I'd appreciate...
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    rain team...sorta.

    im new to competetive battling and this is my first real team. i only battle on random match up-triple battle on my white version so i cant repeat items but moes arent an issue. im using pokemon that benefit from rain so they're not neccasarily water types. so here i go. sorry no pic :(...