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    Deck Chewer (Hypothetical Deck) -- Modified Format

    So a friend of mine recently bought a Dragons Exalted Booster, opened it while I was driving him home, and he found an Aggron in it. His comment was, "Awesome!" I replied, "I remember finding out about that card online and not thinking it was awesome....Oh wait. I just had a great idea!" Maybe...
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Card Deals

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are rapidly approaching, and I can be pretty sure I'm not the only one who'd like to get a good deal on Pokémon Trading Cards. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near as good at tracking down deals as I'd like to be. So I turn to the people of the Serebii Forums TCG...
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    War and Religion: A Reason for Bigotry? (READ FIRST POST)

    Some people believe religion is an exceedingly common cause of war. That's highly debatable. When I took a look at the Atheism Club today, I found that Mister Zero doesn't think it is over-the-top to accuse religious people, of killing each other constantly. (He says something almost the...
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    The Great Big Abortion Debate (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    It has been quite some time since we had an abortion debate. I'd say we are due for another one. With special thanks to randomspot555 and mattj for reviewing this opening post, which was more than a month in the making, here's The Great Big Abortion Debate! I. Pro-Choice Arguments The...
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    How Many Wars Are Really Caused by Religion? (& other questions) READ FIRST POST!

    I think this question deserves careful inquiry. I have often heard about "all the wars" started by religion, but I have heard very few examples brought forward. I am inclined to believe that the number of times when religion was a primary or even major cause of war are comparatively few...
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    TheFightingPikachu's Really Simple Shop

    Thanks to AromaFlora for approving this shop. This is my really simple shop. There are no enormous lists inside cumbersome spoiler tags, no eye-burning graphics, no complicated forms to fill out, and you can't be turned down for preexisting conditions! (That last part's a joke.) I've kept the...
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    Overpopulation as Myth (READ FIRST POST)

    In order to know that the whole earth is overpopulated, there must be in existence how many people--precisely? Though an answer to the above question is necessary for any positive declaration that the world is overpopulated, I have never heard such an answer. Instead, I've seen numerous...
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    The Origin of Life: Let Us Debate It

    Let us debate the origin of life. The evidence--what does it show? Let us examine it.
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    The Origin of Life: Against Abiogenesis

    Today, some seem to take it as not simply possible, but certain that life originated from nonliving matter. Is this justified by the evidence? Let's debate that. I'd like to begin with a brief criticism of a popular interpretation of one origin-of-life scenario. I've heard some cite the...
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    Misinformation About King James and the KJV (READ FIRST POST)

    It is now the year 2011, four hundred years since the King James Version of the Bible was translated. Today, many inaccurate ideas circulate about the KJV in both Christian and non-Christian circles. For example, some Christians today hold that the KJV is the only version to use, the first...
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    How Do the Battle Towers and Frontiers Stay Open?

    Ever since the first Battle Tower in Crystal, and to this day with the Battle Frontier in HeartGold and SoulSilver (and I suspect it's the same way in Black and White), there has been no charge to participate in battles. How does this work? These expansive, well-maintained attractions must need...
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    Phenylketonurics Beware! (Debate With 75% Less Sugar) READ FIRST POST

    So you've heard the stereotypes, right? Some are convinced that all artificial sweeteners thoroughly rot people from the inside out. Others say there is absolutely no problem with any artificial sweetener. Too often, nothing even remotely resembling a scholarly source is presented to show the...
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    Why Can't People Get It Right? Annoying Things and Pokémon

    Why Can't People Get It Right? Annoying Things and Pokémon So when I got home one day, one of my brothers passes on a message from a friend: "I was at this yard sale and there's someone selling some big boxes of Pokémon cards for twenty-five dollars! You should go check it out." My brother...
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    Gotta Spoof 'Em All! (Please Read the First Post)

    I thought of an unusual idea a while ago, and had meant to post it here earlier. What if Pokemon were the stars of real-life TV shows? I think it might look something like this: iKirlia Avaltaria: The Last Air Cutter I Love Lucario Finneon and Ferbaligatr American Claydol Aggron Chef...
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    Hi! I'm TheFightingPikachu!

    Hello all! Good day to you! I'm TheFightingPikachu, and I've been a Pokemon fan since shortly after the US release of the first two games and the TV show. I remember the first commercials for the games (especially the one where the bus carrying Pokemon is crushed and turned into a Gameboy). I'm...