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    Battle Tower: Please Rate.

    [1st];392;Infernape(Naive/Hardy)@Wise Glasses EVs: 252 Sp.A, 192 Spe, 64 Att. -Close Combat -Flamethrower -HP(Grass) -Nasty Plot I like this set, but would like to see if there is anything better. ;036;Clefable(Bold)@Life Orb Magic Coat 252HP, 104Sp.A, 148Def -Ice Beam -Calm Mind...
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    BT help, please.

    I need some thoughts and adjustments to this group, please rate. Ninjask(Adamant)@??? 252 Att. &Spe, 4 HP Speed Boost -Baton Pass -Double Team -Swords Dance -Night Slash My opener, he can BP the benefits to Rampy. Ramparados(Adamant(again..))@Life Orb Mold Breaker 252 Att, 126 Def & HP -Iron...
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    Hrm... What to do...

    I've finally got the natures I need for my BT team, I have Pt. so I can have move tutor help, I just think this team could use some improvements. Alakazam(Modest)@Focus Sash EV: ?????? ~Signal Beam ~Psychic ~Calm Mind ~Shadow Ball Gallade(Adamant)@? EV:?????? ~Night Slash ~Ice...