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    Twisted Fate (An alternate ending to Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness)

    Just finished playing Pokemon Colosseum and XD:Gale of Darkness for the 3rd time and came up with a quick little one-shot based off an idea for an alternate ending of the latter before I forgot it. This is not written to my best abilities as it was a quick thing I came up with and didn't want...
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Between Time and Darkness

    Before you ignore this story it is nothing like my others and will be much better than them and much better writen as well. What if things had gone differently? What if some things never happened? POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON: BETWEEN TIME AND DARKNESS [Rated PG-13 for peril, mild fantacy...
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    How can you tell if a pokemon card is fake or not?

    I'm in ths group of people who play the pokemon TCG but since fake cards aren't aloud I really need to know how to tell a fake card from a real one. Please help
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    Pokemon Ranger: Unknown Legends

    [Rated PG-13 for peril, fantasy violence, and themes of death] This is a Pokemon Ranger fanfic that takes place in my fakemon region Cyria. It will feature all my fakemon (which you should look at to understand this) and all the already known ones. First time writting a Ranger Fanfic so...
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    Could It Be Love?

    This is a true story about two Mallard Ducks (my pets) and their eturnal love for each other. The story is told by both of them. [Rated for anyone who understands some romance (this is not exactly PG-13)] Chapter 1 I sat there alone on the ground below me, my human had been...
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    Shards of Destiny

    Based of a 2 comics on deviantART. The first one can be foundhere and the sequel here Note: The comics are slightly different then the fanfic because of small removed parts. But the same storyline remains in both. [Rated PG-13 for peril, fantasy violence, and themes of death]...
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    I'm Piplup-luv but you can just call me Pip. I've actually been on for awhile now, a month I think. I still wanted to say hello. I like to draw and write. I am on DeviantART if you want to see some of my stuff. I'm also a newbie at animating. My stories are mainly Pokemon Mystery...
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    A New Destiny

    Dawn of Darkness [Rated PG-13 for peril and fantacy violence] It's finally here, my newest fanfic... THE LEGEND OF SPYRO: DAWN OF DARKNESS! Now, let it begin... Avalar has been peaceful ever since the defeat of the Dark Master, Malafor by the legendary 'Heroes of Avalar'...
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    The Hour of Darkness: War of the Worlds

    [Rated PG-13 for peril and mild fantasy violence] This is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon/The Legend of Spyro crossover story. THE HOUR OF DARKNESS: WAR OF THE WORLDS! Note: Probably best to understand some things about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and/or The Legend of Spyro Chapter 1...
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    The Rising Darkness

    [Rated PG-13 for mild fantasy violence, peril, and themes of death] This is my version of what happened after the final boss, Darkrai, in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky. (And the first Fanfic I ever wrote) It stars my team in Time (with a few changes) and my Team in Darkness...
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Secrets of Time

    [Rated PG-13 for mild fantasy violence, peril, and themes of death] This is my second Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fanfiction. POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON: SECRETS OF TIME When a lone Piplup washes up on a beach during a beautiful sunset she and several other pokemon are dragged into an adventure...