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  1. J

    What is your favorite pokémon you have and why?

    What is your favorite pokémon you have and why? Look to Title! My favorite pokemon that I have is my Latias(nicknamed Huygen). She's my favorite because it was my first level 100 pokémon and she's really good in battles. ;380;
  2. J

    biggest chain

    I didn't saw a thread like this and my question is What is your biggest chain ever? mine is 25 shinx
  3. J

    cutest pokemon

    which pokemon is the cutest pokemon ever? I say latias
  4. J

    favorite gym

    What is your favorite gym and why? My favorite gym is the snowpoint city gym because it was a difficult puzzle.
  5. J

    may's new outfit

    a few minutes ago I went to Serebii.net abd i saw two pictures for later episodes I saw may on one of the two pictures in a emerald outfit what do you think these c?lothes
  6. J

    pikachu's nature

    ;025;which nature has ash's pikachu? what do you think?;025;
  7. J


    What do you think, is cloning cheating or not? sorry for my bad English
  8. J

    mr. Frog's moveset

    what do you think of my politoed's moveset His moveset is... Blizzard Earthquake Surf Psychic also, does somebody know agood hold item sorry for my bad English
  9. J

    new on the forum

    Hello my name is joris and i am new on this forum. I'm 14 years old and I'm from the Netherlands I went to this forum because I like serebii.net
  10. J

    a good weak pokemon

    does someone have a good weak pokemon? I mean I have a starly lv.17 with hold item focus sash and the moves endeavor and Quick attack. So it can kill a lv. 100 pokemon in two turns.