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    A Scizor Conundrum

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I frequented the forums, and I need your help. Or, more accurately, my youngest brother does. The situation is thus: my younger brothers are playing through HGSS and after every gym they battle. My youngest brother wants to bring a little sauce to the...
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    Pokemon X problems

    From the instant the cart downloaded Pokemon X to my 3DS system I've been having problems with the controls: when there's any sort of list (Pokemon selection screen, options, etc) the select icon darts around like crazy, and most of the time even when I start pressing the d-pad or control stick...
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    Most hated Evolutionary Line?

    The title is pretty explanatory. Mine is the Kricketot line. I hate them. Veeeeeeeery much. So early on in Sinnoh, and it doesn't even have the decency to look cool to cover its rubbishness. And yours, world?
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    Pokedreams, anyone?

    Hey, I had the greatest dream last night - I hatched this egg (within which I expected a dragon Pokemon like Bagon or Dratini) and within an Aron started talking to me in this lovely baby voice, and we beame great friends. I swear it was the best dream I've ever had so far, just 'cos it felt so...
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    Plot-hole discussions - WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS

    Hey, this is the thread for any plot-holes you've discovered in any books or movies recently, which in turn may be answered by someone else. Because of the obvious chance of people having not seen or read what someone is referring too (thus ruining the story for them), please insert all quiries...
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    Epic Thread

    I just decided to make this so that any spine-tingling, epic phrases from your head or TV or cool things that have happened to you that can be posted, for philisophical reasons or just 'cos they're so cool. I'll start off: You can only ever run to within 7901 miles of your problem. You'd better...
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    What gets you in the zone for writing?

    I came up with this to try to help anyone with writer's block to overcome the problem. Just volunteer what helps you write in the environment, e.g., For me, I listen to I am the Doctor to help me feel all dramatic and gets my ideas flowing. I find it hard to write when there's nothing going...
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    First Attempt Help!!!

    This is to be my first competitive team, and I've come up with three opening duos I can have. I'd like some input (like evs (which I'll often get horribly wrong) , moves, items, etc) 1) Skarmory Calm, 168 - speed 168 - defence 168 - special defence Spikes Roar Whirlwind Roost...
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    The Chess Discussion

    Hey, I've recently started to play chess, and I'm wondering what the best openings are, good positions, etc. This is a good opportunity to discuss the best strategies and ideas. The only proper opening I know is the Ruy Lopez (1. e4 2. Nf3 3. Bb5) any thought and opinions, and counter moves...
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    Pokemon Music

    So yeah, you know the music from Pokemon 2000 - Lugia's song? I've been trying to find it all over the internet, but they will not just give out the notes. So I made this thread so people can easily get simple music they want to play. If anyone has Lugia's song on 10 hole sweet potatoe...
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    Moral Compass

    Made any choices that you aren't sure are entirely ethical? Well, we can now see what others think about that. At the beggining of your post type Right or Wrong to the previous post's dilemma. For example: Post 1) Right. I stole a purse Post 2) Wrong. I sold my brothers car...
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    The Legend's End

    Every story has an ending. Nothing lasts forever. Not any more. Hey, this is my Fanfic. Please post if you like it so I can get more motivated to write more chapters. Chapters may be uploaded with slight few days delay, more if I have too much work. Please know that, as my first attempt, it is...
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    What Type should the above be?

    Rules: After your post give a pokemon with strange typing, or typing you see could be better. The next person must then give the typing they think. For example - Milotic Phsychic, water. Start with this - Charizard
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    Legendaries too much?

    Some people say that Legendary Pokemon add plot and adventure to the game. Some say they are too powerful and make most others redundant. What does everyone else think? I sort of agree with both. Normally, when a newish player starts to complete a game with their hard earned team of six, they...