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    So, would you say that you were the kind of person that likes to take risks and try new things, or do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone and stick by routines that you're used to? I would say that I am up for taking risks and trying new things, as long as I'm not putting my life at risk.
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    Note: I'm not making this topic to discuss your fapping habits. I am making this topic to discuss your opinions on kids growing up too fast, and if you think it is a good thing, or bad thing for society. I have mixed opinions on the issue. I think the whole idea of showing people that...
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    inb4noonecareslololol No, I'm not leaving yet. I've got too much free time to waste. So. How often have you moved, and how do you cope with it? This also applies to friends moving. I'm growing bored of making new friends after moving 10 times in my life, but it gives you the...
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    Do you prefer to suck them or lick them?

    If you suck them it drains all the juice out of them, but stops you getting messy... If you lick them they last longer, but they are more likely to drip on you.... So, do you prefer to suck them, or lick them? By 'them' I mean popsicles/ice lollies.
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    Fail/win Sppf quotes

    Basically this is a thread for quotes that are so good or funny you want to laugh at them. A bit like the 'Fail Threads' thread, but with quotes. I don't know how I am going to set up an index, or something in that catagory for the quotes yet, but just post laughable quotes for the time being...
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    Fail Threads/Quotes

    Basically post fail threads that have occured in serebii, for lulz. # Sixth gen colour thing A Ash & Pikachu's relationship A guy that must've been really high. Ash is 20. Ash's dad Alakazam lv 100 iz teh c00l Anyone hate pokemon? B BANANA SMOOTHIES Because...
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    Current mood (again)

    Basically say what your mood is and why (if needed). I am currently pissed of but amused, and loving how misunderstanding some people can be.
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    An Ironic question that I feel like asking.

    Are you a fan of pokemon? I honestly am not a big fan of it anymore, probably because it's become too technical, and the anime is rubbish now anyway imo.
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    Puberty - check 1st post again!

    Right, the previous 'puberty' thread went well, until it got de railed into a 'sex thread'..... I want you guys to start showing just a touch more discretion in this thread, please. If you're going to say something gross or graphic, at least put it in a spoiler. That's our new rule here...
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    The most complicated word and emotion.

    Yeah, that's right love. It can be another word for lust, strong friendship, happiness, endearment, or kindness. Even though it can be the complete opposite. Hell, it's what 70% if not more of artists/bands go on about. So, here you can talk about you're difficulties, experiences, thoughts...
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    FML moments

    Right, so I thought it would be an interesting, and funny idea to have a thread similar to the fml website. In other words post any stories where you're luck turned against you creating a situation you really weren't expecting/wanting. I can't think of any right now, but I'm sure I will later on.
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    Haha this is funneh badass rly.

    Oh boo hoo, I'm so hurt. Nice flame thread.
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    *insert topic here*

    I figured this might work for a bit so I'll try it. I decided to make this thread so anything can be discussed. (A bit like the conversation thread but without the questions at the end. Instead you can just talk/ramble or reply to other peoples ramble. However since this is a "child...
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    Puberty - No seriously guys this is for real, we promise. Every other post by Dig-Kun

    Well I figured since the majority of people here are/ have been teenagers it would be a good idea to discuss about teenage experiences. Weather it has to do with love, stupid things done from peer pressure, rants about what you want changed in the world, and anything else you can think of that...
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    wholesale sunglass.gucci.kids shoes.adidas shoes.football shoes.r4 shoes.psp ipod

    GTFO of Misc! Plus stop advertising your silly shoes to a pokemon site, just because you have nothing else to do. No one CARES! EDIT- You should see all these other stupid spammy advertising threads this thing has posted.
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    which came first the Arceus or the Mew?

    apparently Mew created all pokemon and Arceus is the god pokemon so which came first?
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    *sigh* come and rate my team -_-

    Crobat Adament @ no item Thief Cross Poison Confuse Ray Roost it's the Basic Annoyer really Steelix Impish @ chesto Berry Earthquake Stone Edge Explosion Rest Ultimate Physical Wall and if things don't look right it can just go BOOM! Jolteon @ Shell Bell...
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    who has one?

    has anyone got a spare Dawn stone to trade?if you do pm me
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    can some one get me the link -_-

    could someone please post the link with the Over Used Under Used and Borderline etc Pokemon groups are because I can't find the thread for it
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    Shadow Claw

    if anyone has it I'll trade an ARTICUNO for the pokemon with it