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    Discussion on the current Pokemon Dub

    Hey guys, haven't been here in ages. I think after 10 years since the switch, and now that the new voice actors have been on longer than the old ones, we know better than to repeat “dramatic” rhetoric between particular sides of the fandom…it’s time we talked realistically about anime dubs...
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    Misty Club

    Ah god, its been too long since I visited. Yes, I would totally love for Misty and Brock to meet him at his house! I don't even care what critics have said, I never give up hope those two will someday go off adventuring with Ash again like best friends do. :D
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    Will Pokemon TCPI Finally Treat Pokemon with the Respect it Deserves from Season 17

    Honestly, considering that X and Y is looking to be a pretty big generation, I think that yes TPCi will step something up. The question is what and when. I think that in this age of communication, they would benefit from more fan input. Unfortunately I can tell you the mods don't seem open to...
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    Series with the BEST filler episodes? (No Kanto/OI)

    Johto. Forget the long filler stretches blah blah blah, there were some genuinely good fillers found there, quite a few of which had real emotion and a valuable life lesson. The original trio was still together, and TR was still funny and had all their old Pokemon (minus Lickitung and plus...
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    Most Popular First Gen Pokemon (A project for my stats class)

    Ah, I have so many favorites like the obvious Charizard, Mewtwo, Eevee, etc plus Electabuzz, Lapras, and Ninetales. My all time favorite tends to change sometimes, but it usually sits at Ninetales. Its cute, awesome, and has semi-psychic powers. So just check "badass" even though I don't like...
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    BWS2DA!E8 - Ash & Butterfree! Until the Day We Meet Again!! [FIRST POST 06/01]

    ^Actually, um yeah. XD For all we know, they really can be that close to him. Its Pokemon after all.
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    BWS2DA!E8 - Ash & Butterfree! Until the Day We Meet Again!! [FIRST POST 06/01]

    My reaction to the poster showing Butterfree went something like this; "HUH? BUTTER....BUTTERFREE!? OMGZOMGASDFGHJKL YES YES YES!!! :D :D :D ok ok I'm good, I'm cool... ohhh yeeeeeeeah." So in a rare moment my inner fanboy got to breath some fresh air from the surface. I mean, there was...
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    BWS2DA!E6 - Professor Oak [FIRST POST UPDATED 05/08]

    I'll tell you what I'm excited about. The possibility that Stuart Zagnit might reprise his role as Oak :D. He did get to do Cedric Juniper not too long ago so yeah.
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    Johto Box Set?

    Actually, I remember looking it up and Australia and NZ have a box set of Johto Journeys and Johto League champions. So you could get that, but you'd also need a multi-region dvd player if you're in the states.
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    BWS2EN-8 - Charizard [FIRST POST UPDATED 2/7]

    Depends on your point of view, I guess. Pokemon has varying degrees of importance, to different people and a lot of them have had very memorable experiences. Anyways, my point is that its really not that hard to believe why people make big deals out of things. People just do that because they're...
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    BWS2EN-8 - Charizard [FIRST POST UPDATED 2/7]

    Well, I wouldn't put it in an extreme manner like that, I don't think many are THAT upset. But still, Pokemon's pretty important to a lot of people. Think of it this way; I'm pretty sure Pokemon means a lot to you, considering you keep going and still can't get over the negative impact you had...
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    BWS2EN-8 - Charizard [FIRST POST UPDATED 2/7]

    Unfortunately, there's little anyone can do about that. Quite a few have already been disappointed for a long time. And to the average person, the longer disappointment lingers over something held dear, the more they cling to the tiniest slivers of hope. Its just the natural reaction.
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    BWS2EN-8 - Charizard [FIRST POST UPDATED 2/7]

    To be fair, just about everything of every game or anime in existence has some negative opinions attached. But anyways, I'd rather not turn this thread into an entirely different discussion. I'll just say that there's a lot more places out there than just forums and such. PS; Piplup is indeed a...
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    BWS2EN-8 - Charizard [FIRST POST UPDATED 2/7]

    Yeah...its also Serebii forums, where people get away with it too. Can't really blame em' considering the state of the anime, but still it would be nice if there was much more talk about what people do like than what they don't. Like Charizard, Misty, and Brock. :)
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    BWS2EN-8 - Charizard [FIRST POST UPDATED 2/7]

    Like I said, for most Misty fans, the flashbacks won't be enough. But frankly, only a minority even know about this whole thing, and yet the majority of comments about it on various websites are highly positive. That seems pretty significant. Now is really no time to talk about minorities...
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    BWS2EN-8 - Charizard [FIRST POST UPDATED 2/7]

    The actual length and focus of the flashback, or even the fact its a mere flashback isn't even the point here. Even if ultimately, it won't be enough for many of them, people make a big deal because they need to quench their thirst to see their favorite character. That's the bottom line. Its...
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    BWS2EN-8 - Charizard [FIRST POST UPDATED 2/7]

    Listen, if fans want to "blow things out of proportion" in excitement at the mere sight of one of Pokemon anime's most popular characters, so what? I'm sorry but boasting about your time in the fandom like its some kind of trophy isn't helping any of us understand why you care so much about...
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    BWS2EN-8 - Charizard [FIRST POST UPDATED 2/7]

    ^That really is the damn truth! (and excuse my language) If a character's fanbase is still strong, so is the character's relevancy. Heck, it doesn't even matter who Pokemon's targeted at, and I know sooner or later someone will throw that out there. Excitement leads to hope which leads to high...
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    BWS2EN-8 - Charizard [FIRST POST UPDATED 2/7]

    Well THIS is what I call interesting news! Even if it is a flashback, its incredible how much the fandom has responded to it (and its only like the 1st day). If a simple flashback is being met with so much response, its a surefire sign that yes these characters are still loved in the fandom and...
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    Episode N - Team Rocket Speculation

    No, I've seen all of (dubbed) BW so far. I meant in their original personalities, they can change habits without being too extremely different.