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    Official Signature Check Thread - NEW: CHECK OP TO LEARN HOW TO SELF CHECK IMAGES

    I added a line of text but my sig is already pretty big so sig check plz. :3
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    MeltingCORE's acidic artwork (ORIGINAL WORKS/critiques welcomed)

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    fragments and a lucid... (lucid in blue) (excerpts from my dream journal) DREAM 171 - I was in the house. It was night. Eriq and I were getting ready to go to bed when we heard Candy meow. (This is impossible since Candy isn’t with us anymore.) I asked Eriq if he heard her and he said yes. I...
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    (excerpts from my dream journal) [fragments... a school trip... Maija knocked over my suitcases... had to go back to school to get them... bus ride... fancy inn... back at school? a Hispanic girl wanted to see my sketchbook and called my name - Emily - Gothic?] [fragments... clearly remember a...
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    MeltingCORE's acidic artwork (ORIGINAL WORKS/critiques welcomed)

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    fragments + one longer dream... (excerpts from my dream journal) [fragments about me and Mike walking around in a field of tornadoes... no reaction...] [fragments about Kim Possible...] I was in a room full of square machines (they were all trash compactors apparently). Blossom from PPG was...
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    MeltingCORE's acidic artwork (ORIGINAL WORKS/critiques welcomed)

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    (It's you again! : D) I still think you're doing a nice job with your Light concept but what I said in my first post stands - I really think you should try scanning and editing your pictures on photoshop. XP
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    Rocket Grunt Kyle's Pokeworks

    Your style is so cute! Your pictures actually look like art you'd see on a Pokemon card. (I say that because I've noticed some of the TCG's art has a more simplistic style like in your Magikarp picture.)
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    Count to 100 before a mod posts!

    4 .
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    Gender Race V.3

    793 .
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    You're Banned 5.0 (Rule update: 09/08/14)

    Banned because you and xE5breonx are filling up the page.
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    The True or False Game!

    True lol. NP has played a Mario game today.
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    Destroy the Block of Bedrock!

    I play dubstep to the bedrock.
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    Rate the Profile Picture above you. PROFILE VIEWS +1.

    7/10 From a manga?
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    Give The Above Two Posters A Shipping Name

    RubyShadows Shipping
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    What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

    Lia - new moon [Al Storm Remix] enigmaticLIA 3 -worldwide collection- (2009)