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    SWF Custom Pokemon Shop: The Movie!

    *I read the rules and there was nothing about posting sprites from another forum here so....here I go xD Heeyyyyy, everyone! It's Lishus13 here, and I work at The Custom Pokemon Shop at Smash World Forums under the name Meta-Kirby. We have 6 members, and for our 1-year anniversary, we created...
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    Over-Reading the Pokemon Anime...

    A friend showed this too me, which was a post on another forum, whose subject matter was claimed to be taken from another forum. It's all very interesting and about the Pokmeon anime. Sadly, though, towards the end it starts turning into a bad fanfiction so you can stop reading there. (you'll...
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    Lishus13's Spriting Oasis

    *|*Lishus13's Spriting Oasis!*|* Hello everyone! It's me, Lishus13, you MAY have heard of me, you MAY have not, but I've been here for a long time ^_^. Since it has been over 4 months since my last sprite thread, I decided to make a new one. If ANYTHING, please look at the "New" work. The Old...
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    Lishus13's Sprite Gallery!

    Hey guys, it's Lishus13. I....I really don't know if anyone knows me too well, but I've been here a while and have been spriting for about 6 months to a year. Here is some of my work. The farther down you go, the more recent sprites you get. I'd like some serious C + C on these, not something...
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    Lishus's Sprite Gallery! Please Take a Look!

    This is just a lot of my recent work that I would like criticism on! U]My Masterpieces[/U] Deoxtacruel ***** Lugiolu ***** Dragotina (Steel-Type Dragonair) ***** Ninbleye ***** Glisclax ***** Shucklegon-2 ***** Teddiossom *****...
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    A Spriter Looking For Some C and C!

    Hey everyone! I'm Lishus13, and I'm a spriter. Not the worst, not the best, but just a spriter. I work at the Custom Pokemon Shop over at Smash World Forums, and I wanted to ask for some criticism of my work/requests that I have done: Deoxtacruel ***** Lugiolu ***** Dragotina...
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    Rate Our Custom Pokemon Shop Please!

    http://smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=170052 ^^There we are. The lone Custom Pokemon Shop of Smash World Forums. We work very hard to make sprites for a bunch of people over there. I've lurked around these forums since....forever (XD) and I wanted to know what your opinion of our work was...
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    Convert This Flash to MPEG4

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/436074 I know, its from Newgrounds, but its so amazing. I want it on my Ipod SOOOOO badly. Can anyone convert it to a file where I can get it to Itunes and therefore on my computer/Ipod? THANK YOU SO SO SO VERY MUCH!! -Lishus13
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    Ash/Dawn Losing is NOT Entertaining!

    Ok, so this applies more to ASH than Dawn, but I wanted to include both in here because they both basically are lackluster competitors. Ash has lost or tied to every gym leader so far, and it's not entertaining to me. I don't really CARE to see any "OMIGOSH, I iz losted? TRAIN MUST I!"...
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    What Makes the Diamond/Pearl Anime Better/Worse than Previous Seasons?

    There is always alot of debate on the style, length, progression, development, and overall uniqueness of each season of the Pokemon Anime. Some might say Ash is weak in this generation compared to last, but some might say it's a good learning experience. Dawn > May, or May < Dawn, what do you...
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    What Would Be Your "Dream" Ending to DP?

    There is always alot of speculation about what could happen at the end of the Diamond and Pearl series. Although Ash hasn't always had the best of luck in eating his way through the Leagues, some may believe he could win this one. Mr "I-Only-Exist-To-Beat-Ash-In-The-League" might come around and...
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    Look at the Letter I just sent Nintendo....

    So what do you think? Seriously, this was ACTUALLY getting on my nerves, I wasn't just complaining. Hopefully they take a good look at it!
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    What Real Life Events Could You Relate Pokemon Moves To?

    I got this thread idea after I went to the beach yesterday. I always like to duck beneath the waves after they crash and have all that pressure blast against me. It really is exhilirating. Whenever a small one goes by, I'll say to myself "So thats what Water Gun feels like", and whenever a...
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    How Will Hunter J Be Foiled?

    I just can't think of any ending other than "Ooh, you brats! I'll be back!" and her running off into the abyss. How do you think Hunter J will be killed of...I mean....done in? I hope she is arrested, but that COULD be a bit of a stretch for a kids show...
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    Isn't It Obvious How DP79 Will End?

    May wins in "semi-close" battle Dawn sulks. May feels bad. May hands said Dawn Wallace ribbon. Dawn says "omigosh, why?" May has high hopes for Dawn. May returns to Johto. Dawn gets yet another freebie despite sucking at what she does in general. It's pretty clear to me! There is no...
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    Let's Just Say Ash/Dawn Didn't Advance to Sinnoh League/Grand Festival...

    Well, seeing as those are the only goals of said pre-teens, I'd like to know what IF they don't make it to their respective "pro" competitions. It is obvious that they will (When Dawn makes it, I will personally be ******, she DEFINITELY does not deserve it!), but what IF they didn't?
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    Recruitment Rate Much Lower?

    In PMD2, I feel like I have to spend many, MANY days in a dungeon to recuitment just a basic pokemon like Poliwag. I recuited Anorith, Lileep, and Shellos easily, but it took me a while to recuit a Poliwag, and I've yet to recruit Barboach, Geodude, or Doduo! Does anyone else think this?
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    What is the Point of Having Dawn/Ash Blow at What They Do?

    I can't understand the writers, or what they plan to do as we continue along the series. Why does Dawn have to constantly botch up her contests with rivals that come in for one/two episodes and pokemon that are scared out of their hair? Why does Ash need to lose to each Gym Leader, despite...
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    Is PMD2 Harder than PMD1?

    I am only just finishing Mt. Bristle, but that was a pain in the NECK! I was level 10-11 (Piplup/Turtwig) and Starly was hitting 18 on me! Do you guys think this game is harder? I certainly do!
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    Some New, Wacky, and Lishus-Sprites!

    Here is some things I've done more recently, some serious, and some crazy :D Shinx + Numel Carnivine + Phione Spoink + Azurill Dragon-Typed Feebas ???'s Trainer Card Scizor + Garchomp Scizor + Farfetch'd Torkoal + Vileplume The Gold-Zone So, how are they? Feedback...