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    My first Black-2 team(moveset and hold items suggestions needed)

    Serperior lv.60 Naughty Coil Leaf Blade Aqua Tail Return Arcanine lv.59 Naughty Flare Blitz Extremespeed Outrage Crunch Flygon lv. 58 Adamant Dragon Claw Dig Fly Rock Slide Metagross lv.58 Lonely Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt Rock Slide...
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    Movie Ratings

    I dont know how its like in the West, but do movie ratings matter anymore??? I'm 16 and i go to R rated movies and i used to go to PG13 movies since i was 7.
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    Skyarrow Bridge

    Were you disappointed that the Skyarrow Bridge was barely focused on? In the Gothitelle episode, they barely even showed the bridge. I thought they'd showcase off the bridge, with impressive special effects, but none of it happened.
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    One of the best acted and best written shows on TV imo. Dexter is a serial killer, who follows his father's code. This is a thread to discuss the series and the upcoming season 6. For people who are watching the early seasons, please use spoiler tags everyone! I myself started watching...
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    Ash's Unova League position?

    Since BW seems to have scrapped everything and is looking to be Kanto 2.0, do you think Ash will again finish in the Top 16? His league position has been improving every league, but do you think it will be back where he started?
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    Football Transfer Window 2011!

    Here is a thread to discuss the transfer window of 2011! This year seems to be a hectic and exciting one for Manchester United! Phil Jones is undergoing a medical while David De Gea and Ashley Young's deals look to be wrapped up any day now! They have also been linked with the likes of Samir...
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    Halo 4

    Microsoft announced it in their press conference this E3. Discuss away! I wonder if there will be any Covenant this time around.
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    Pokemon Black(ingame)

    I'm about to challenge the new Elite Four. I'm not changing the pokemon, so no egg moves or different natures. I need help with all their items. And any other suggestions on moves are appreciated. Serperior lv. 70 Adamant Swords Dance Leaf Blade Toxic Strength Archeops lv. 70...
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    Masterchef Australia

    Masterchef Australia is a reality cooking show in Sydney where amateur cooks battle it out in various challenges to grab the title. I know there are many australians in the forums, and they show this in other countries too like the Indian subcontinent and Latin America. Anyone watches it...
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    Cant wait for Pokemon B/W! Rate My White Team!

    Cant wait for Spring! Here's what i've decided so far for Pokemon White! No Dream World abilities or egg moves please! No Event pokemon! And no EVs aswell. In ingame, i dont care about those things. However, natures and to some extent, IVs are things i pay attention to. I havent given any items...
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    How I Met Your Mother

    How do you like the show? I think its pretty funny. Barney is awesome! Discuss away!
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    Paul's team in future cameos

    Paul has been arguably the greatest character in Sinnoh. His and Ash's rivalry was handled perfectly. Its almost inevitable he'll makes future cameos. Will we see Paul with good old Honchcrow, Torterra, Magmortar and Ursaring? Or are they gone and Paul's new team will continue to appear. I...
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    Ash- The perfect Darkrai counter?

    Is this just a mere coincidence? That Ash has 3 pokemon that can perfectly counter Darkrai? Is this indicating to an Ash win? I know by now, all of us know about this, i just wanted to know if this was set up on purpose, just to beat Darkrai? Heracross. With Megahorn, Focus Punch and Sleep...
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    Ok, before you guys attack me, i want to say a few things. Back in the days, there was horrible writing. Specially Johto. Their theory was as the generations passed, the old pokemon will be released and replaced with newer generation ones. Hench Charizard and Squirtle's departures. Obviously...
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    Rate my super HG team!-Movesets help!

    This is my awesome pwnage team! I will NOT replace any of them, i just need suggestions on their movesets, cos some of them are crappy, and hold items. I care about natures, aswell as IVs, but i dont EV train, cos i dont need to, this is ingame. Oh and please dont suggest moves i'll only be able...
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    The Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread

    With permission, I've taken over from the previous thread by The Boss Giygas. Here's a link to the previous thread:http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=452455 The FIFA World Cup is just days away! Its time for predictions(optional) aswell as the latest news. The Prediction...
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    ~Heart Gold Team~

    I'm currently preparing for E4(second time) then finally Red. Need help with movesets and items. Chnages will be in bold. I dont care about IVs, but i must be really lucky cos all except Ampharos have amazing IVs. Tyranitar has 31 in Attack, Mismagius has 31 in Sp.Attack(not 100% sure and Ho-oh...
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    Ash vs. Paul

    With 3 new additons to his team, if Ash of right now faced of Paul of that 6 on 6 battle, what do you think would be the outcome? Remember, this is assuming Paul's pokemon's strength are still the same after that battle. Ash: Pikachu Staraptor Infernape Buizel Torterra Gible Paul...
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    Rock/Metal music Faceoff!

    Welcome to the Ultimate Faceoff for all Rock and Metal fans! This is the faceoff to declare SPPf's most favourite Rock/Metal band ever! First Sub genres will be suggested. Some are already given by me and if your fav. Rock/Metal sub genre is missing, then you can suggest them. After that...
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    Sorry if i missed something, but whats with this ridiculous hype that Nando will win the Grand Festival AND the Pokemon League? I mean seriously, how many episodes has he been in? I even think the writers stopped caring for Nando and yet people back him to win not only the Grand Festival, but...