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    Drew'sBaby's banners

    Heyy. These are a few banners/pictures I make in my free time for fun. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks. ^^ Custom Banners To order a custom banner just shot me a PM or post a review for this thread. In your PM/post you will need to include what shipping you would like...
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    The Prophecy

    The Prophecy (Ikarishipping) Heyy! I wrote this story a really long time ago (maybe a year or so back?) after being inspired by Encyclopika's AMAZING story: Demons of Metropolis. (you should def. check it out!) I have finished this story but am going to post it as chapters because I have to...
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    Jaded Envy (Contestshipping-May+Drew)

    Jaded Envy Contestshipping-Drew<3 May Rated PG[ soon to be PG-13] Heyy, this is my second fanfic post on Serebii! This story is about May who, after losing three Grand Festivals, has given up coordinating for good. Drew is not happy about this one bit and makes it his mission to get her...
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    Accidentally in Love <3

    Accidentally in Love Belleshipping-Drew<3 Dawn Rated PG-13 and may escalated to a higher PG-13 lvl, but that will be announced. Heyy, this is my first fanfic post on Seribii so I hope it doesn't suck! Lol. Basically the whole story is about Dawn who decides to travel with Drew for awhile...