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    Friendship Adventures

    Chapter 1: Arriving at Violet City and Battles Await! I walked along the sunlit path, with Slippy on my shoulder. Slippy was my VERY energetic Treecko who I had gotten from Prof. Birch, when I was 10. Alright, if you must know, I'm 11, and my name's Yuki. Thomas poked me. "Hey...
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    Barry? What happened to him?

    For all of you who are wondering what happened to BArry in Platinum, here's a story telling all about it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ch. 1: The Leaving, The Battle, The Lab, “Lucario, use Dragon Pulse!” Cynthia yelled. The...
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    Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Remakes?

    Do you think that Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald deserve remakes? If so, what would you want to be put into the game? I personally want Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald remakes, because there are plenty of new Pokemon that look normal in Hoenn. Also, there would be cool names: FlamingRuby OceanicSapphire...
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    The Platinum Igniters (Future Platinum Team)

    My team, or what I plan to have. ;389; Torterra w/Meadow Plate Naive Nature -Earthquake -Seed Bomb -Crunch -Wood Hammer I decided against Super Power for this Torterra because I didn't like the Attack and defense drop. Earthquake is a powerful STAB, and Seed Bomb and Wood Hammer...
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    Team Masquerade

    Welcome to Team Masquerade. We use tricks and tactics in our battling, but you do not have to have these skills in order to join. Masquerade News No news yet Masquerade Tourney Not enough members for a tourney yet. Battle Rules: No uber (ex: Abamsnow with snow warning + sheer...
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    Pokemon Poketopia Adventure - RPG Sign Up

    Through the land of Sinnoh, there was an island called Poketopia. The top battlers were the only ones allowed there, and one of those trainers was Aaron Zephyr. He was a good trainer, kind and nice to everyone. He was also part of a squad to bring a team of thugs to justice. They were, Team...
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    The BT Team

    First of all, I don't use EVs on my BT team. Its easier with the EVs but I want a challenge. Ninetales w/Chesto Berry ~Flamethrower ~Hypnosis ~Solarbeam ~Rest Ninetales is to cripple others by putting them to sleep. Solarbeam is for water-types, and Rest is to heal up damage...
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    Arceus with its own Tier?

    This isn't a fact. I'm just wondering, if Arceus is banned from all tiers in Wi-fi Battles, should it get its own tier? Like BFWB? (BAnned from Wif Battles)
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    Jirachi's Miracle (rated PG)

    Intro: Okay, I had a dream one night, about me having adventures with a Jirachi. However, this Jirachi could change into Sky forme. I had great adventures with that Jirachi, and, of course, my friends joined me. So, here is the beginning of the Jirachi Saga. Story: I was walking in the...
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    Where can I get a Nintendo Wii Points Card?

    As the title suggests.