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    3rd gen remake?

    Gamefreak so far has remade the 1st gen games and the 2nd gen games, but does anyone think that they will remake the 3rd gen games on a 4th gen engine?
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    egg hatching?

    i didnt see any thread for this anywhere, so here's my question. in mystery dungeon time/darkness/sky versions, how long do eggs take to hatch? is it dependent on the pokemon? or does it always take around 4 days? i have noticed a pattern here, and was wondering if anyone else has
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    okay...whats happening?

    im playing mystery dungeon: explorers of time, and im in the bottomless ocean dungeon, and anytime my tyranitar uses dark pulse on qwilfish, it hits the poison point and gets poisoned. this is rather annoying, because since dark pulse is classified as a special attack, and poison point requires...
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    need help...

    i have recently started playing mystery dungeon explorers of time, and it is very hard. i was wondering if anyone could provide me with any tips that may help me. like for example: if there is a way to make pokemon more likely to join that would be helpful. or just any words of wisdom in general...
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    Blissey using seismic toss???

    A couple weeks ago, i was playing this guy on wi-fi on my platinum game, and one of the pokemon he used was a blissey (we were using all level 100s) and it used seismic toss over and over again. took out 3 of my pokemon i think. my question is this: how is it possible to teach seismic toss to a...
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    My new leafgreen team

    I was bored, so i decided to take a request from one of my friends about what type of team to play the game with. he told me to use: Rattata Squirtle Nidoking Doduo Pidgey Goldeen All without evolving. Now this is proving to be very difficult for me because i usually evolve my pokemon...
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    Secret power

    i was just wondering. What are the different types of secret powers? and what are their effects? I am currently playing leafgreen version, and i am using a pidgey that i have taught secret power, and so far i have seen secret power turn into: slam which paralyzes and occurs when on an outdoor...
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    kind of a random question

    If i want to ask something about the pokemon that appear in smash bro.s brawl from pokeballs, is this the right place ask it?
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    how do i change my rank?

    Does it simply change if you post a lot of times? of is there a button i am not seeing?
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    okay this is wierd

    A couple days ago, i was battling Maylene, the 3rd gym leader on my Pearl version, and i was using my level 33 staravia (normal/ flying type), and i got her down to her last pokemon, Lucario (Steel/Fighting). I used wing attack on it, and i dealt neutral damage and this made sense because it is...
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    Ugh...Team Rocket

    So who else hates team rocket in the animes? they always do the same thing in every episode, get blasted off at some point, and then come back. If this wasnt bad enough, they are in pretty much every single episode. i think that there are only like 3 episodes that exclude them.