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    Ex or LV.X?

    When Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire first came out Nintendo released the first TCG sets containing Pokemon ex. These Pokemon could evolve from a pre-evo (Vulpix>Ninetails EX). When Diamond and Pearl first made their debut the TCG sets contained LV.X Pokemon. These Pokemon unlike EX could only be in...
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    Pokemon references in other T.V. programs

    So over the years since Pokemon first hit our shelves it has been soon popular it has been mentioned in other programs. Well I'll get the ball rolling; 1) Tonight I was watching my soaps like the saddo I am.The is an old man who has a broken ankle was forced to stay home. He was playing a...
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    Have you ever gone off Pokemon?

    I have. Twice. It was because my step-dad kept beating me at TCG. I used to get so mad. I went off Emerald for half a year. But the came Diamond. I finished the game and all I could think was; "I'm back baby!" Anyone else ever gone off Pokemon?
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    What is the time where you are?

    ;410;Just type what time it is where you are. Simples. Well it is currently 21:50 in Scotland. ;410;;410;
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    Video games you can play over and over

    So what games can you play over and over without getting bored? I could play Spyro until the game dies!!
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    War of the champions

    Decide which champion of all the gens so far you like best.
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    Will you play 4th Gen much now?

    I was just wondering if many people are going to play 4th gen now. I am going to use the game for chaining and Poke Transfer but that's about it.
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    Doesn't it annoy you when people in anime pronounce Pokemon names differently?

    Does it annoy anyone else how people say Pokemon names differently to the way you do?
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    What Dsiware do you have?

    I have a Little Bit of Brain Training and I am getting points on Monday.
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    Best of the fossils

    Just pick your overall favourite fossil Pokemon that appeared during 4th gen.
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    A higher level of Magikarps

    In Platinum at the Resort Area you can fish for high leveled Magikarps so I wondered what was the highest level of Magikarp you have seen so far. Mine's 88.
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    Marmite:Love it or hate it

    Personally I hate it.
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    Generation 4 out

    ;390;;484;;483;;387;;393;This is a chance to say everything great about forth gen before 5 gen takes over.
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    Are they.........

    Are free downloads for the computer most likely to be roms? And are they illegal? I think they are but I am not quite sure?
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    Favorite common card

    Mine is Gardenias Turtwig from Rising Rivals. Whats everyone elses?
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    Shiny Pokemon: Love or hate?

    Do you like them? Or think they look kinda crap?
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    What would you do with two heads?

    Got bored and wanted to ask what you would do with two heads.
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    Dragon Ball-Z games anyone?

    Well I quite like DBZ and recently got DBZT3, and beat story. Really good game. I was wondering if anyone else played the games?
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    Whose has heard/played any of the Rayman games?
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    Nebbio's Grass and Bug team.

    Well I got fed up using water types all the time soo here is my new Grass team. I will Update it as I train. ;003; Lvl: 39 Nature: Careful Power: Overgrow HP: 125 Atk: 75 Def: 73 Sp Atk: 83 Sp Def: 101 Spd: 76 Set: Double-Edge Petal Dance- Sunny Day Leech Seed Razor Leaf-...