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    Starfox 64 3D (3DS)

    this tread is for Starfox 64 3D. what is the highest score u have gotton is 3DS story mode and how many medals?
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    New RMT

    Here is my New and Impoved Pokemon White Team: Nightclaw the Zoroark Nature: Impish Item: Amulet Coin Ability: Illusion Stats: -HP: 234/234 -Attack: 230 -Defense: 135 -Sp. Atk: 225 -Sp. Def: 146 -Speed: 223 Moveset: -Night Daze -Rock Smash -Sucker Punch (egg move) -Nasty Plot...
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    My team

    Here is my Team: Nightclaw the Zoroark Gender: Male Lv: 91 Nature: Impish Item: None Ability: Illusion EVs: +Def; -Sp. Atk Moveset: -Night Daze -Night Slash -Sucker Punch -Nasty Plot Info: Nightclaw is a Dark type hatched from an egg obtained in a Link Trade in Nacrene City...
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    My Team in White

    Just look at my sig my team is listed there.
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    Hi, Im Pkmn Trainer Vex, but you can call me Vex. I'm a newbie from the Unova Region.