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    ☆ The Official Claim a Pokemon Thread Ver. 6.0 ☆

    Banette --- DarthMoogle --- November 9th, 2013
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    Hrmmmm...how about the fact that, even under attack from Team Rocket, people still leave their doors unlocked?
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    The "How Can People Hate This Pokemon?" Thread

    I love Derpfisk, Flareon, and have a bit of dislike for Skarmory, Hydreigon and Salamence. Flareon is just so cute, and Derpfisk is a great staple for comedy, plus the fact that it's just so...derpy and cute. \o/
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    Well, I don't really visit the Dreamworld much, so I only have the easy-to-get pogeys. I can breed Darumaka with Zen Mode, Shuppet with Cursed Body, Farfetch'd with Defiant, Lickitung wuth Cloud Nine, Kangaskhan with Inner Focus, and Meditite with Telepathy. ...I should probably put that up...
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    Ohaithar, thread. Time for your much needed bumping.
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    Open for srs bsnz OHEY, I'm open! Whendidthisgethere? Uh, erm, welcome...? :'D OH, AND SPECIAL THANKS GO TO AromaFlora FOR ALLOWING MY THREAD TO BE OPENED. Gawsh, I'm already spazzing. Woo! \o/ ...and I guess I'll use this post for any extra things that I forgot to mention. *er-hem*...
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    Well, I've decided to open up a shop...of sorts. I spaz easily, so please bear with me, haha. RULES: Serebii rules, of course. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT offer me hacks or clones. I consider clones to be cheap when you're trading them away. I don't mind RNG, though. Don't be rude. Give me...
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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    Letting my brother ruin his holo-charizard card from way back. I KNEW I should've swiped it/shot Giving away my MCDonald's sandslash keychain when I was in 2nd grade. Of course, my Ma ended up throwing the others away anyway, so... In Silver, I left a ditto in the daycare and promptly...
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    GTS time wasters

    I would love to see this. Of course, I hoard all of my Pokemon, so I wouldn't be one of the crowd to mess with said spammers. .../goes out to by more games
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    Official Claim a Pokemon Thread (( Version 5.5 )) ✣ REOPENING SOON. STAY TUNED.

    Old claim: Maractus --- DarthMoogle --- February 19, 2011 New claim: Bulbasaur --- DarthMoogle --- October 13, 2011 http://www.serebiiforums.com/member.php?u=58135 hasn't logged in since around August 21. Trying this again. :'D
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    Lost pokemon

    R.I.P. Buzz the Electivre. Firered was a great run as an electabuzz, old pal. Moved him to Pearl and evolved him. Then...the GTS happened. It was my first time on there, and I had no idea how many hacked pokemon were on there. I saw a legendary that was to be traded for an Electivire and spazzed...
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    Official Claim a Pokemon Thread (( Version 5.5 )) ✣ REOPENING SOON. STAY TUNED.

    Old claim: Maractus --- DarthMoogle --- February 19, 2011 New claim: Bulbasaur --- DarthMoogle --- October 7, 2011 HNNNNNNG ;n;
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    Hack-Check Thread (Read the OP for simple hack-checking)

    *cough* I have a few pogeys that need checking. If I can get any help on this, it'd be greatly appreciated. Pokemon Species: Nickname: NIDOKING OT: (Japanese) OT Gender: male IDno:48685 Shiny?:Yes EV's: not known IV's: not known Nature: Serious Characteristic: Likes to thrash about...
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    Pokemon Toys

    Oofa, this thread... At the top of my head I have: The large Meowth plush from way back. About the size of a very large watermelon, maybe? Jigglypuff and Pikachu gold-plated cards from BK. Old jam-jars from way back. They're now used as cups by my little sister. <3 Talking Pichu plush...
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    Your horrifying pokemon moments...

    Accidently trading my shiny palkia over the GTS back in Pearl. I wasn't paying attention and chose it instead of my plain one. Then there was the time when I traded my electabuzz. I forgot what I traded it for, and also forgot that it was one of my prized members from Firered. /sadface ;_;
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    Pokémon with Your Friends and in Your Family?

    Oofa, almost everyone in my family loves it. 2 younger sisters, 2 younger brothers, and my Ma. Of course, now they're all stuck on LoZ, but hey. \o/
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    Weakest legendary Pokémon?

    Phione. Just... Phione.
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    Does your starter have to be the strongest pokemon in your party?

    I used to in the older games. (Especially Yellow. I HAD to have Pika higher than the others. >8l) Now, however, the highest leveled ones are the ones I use most. (Scrafty, Uguuelectricspider, Chandelure...occasionally my starter... :'D) *cough*
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    The most frustrating thing in games

    Hoooo, there are a lot of irritating things that have happened to me... Currently, the most annoying thing now is finally getting a poke to sleep only to have it waking up the very next turn. A really big pain for legendaries, so now I just stick with paralyzing them.
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    Different Pokeball Types?

    I like the seasonal idea, myself. As for the pokeballs I use...I try to use premier for the legendaries and any (IF any) shinies. Normal pokeballs for everything else. :U