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    Merry... Culturemas?

    Today I bring up something I find quite controversial. Should non-Christians celebrate Christmas? Is it hypocritical for non-Christians to participate in what is held to be an important Christian spiritual celebration? Is it possible for Christians to see non-Christian groups celebrating...
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    The Big TRio Splitup Theory

    Ok, so we've seen that Meowth might be caught by Iris. Most of you say it will be some mission and ignore the fact that Meowth was FIRED. I think he's going to stay with the twerps for quite some time though. Then after that I think James is going to join Team Plasma, makes sense since he...
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    The Master Of Unova Has Arrived!

    Yup, let me introduce myself, I'm a long time Pokemon fan. I've collected countless cards, watched the entire anime start to present (and have just about every episode that's out for sale on tape/DVD), and played several of the games. The Unova saga and Black and White games have really sparked...
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    Will Ash catch all 17 types?

    Think about it. All 8 of Ash's current Pokemon are of a different type. And while some of you may complain about less focus on other pokemon, it can still work if some of the new types are caught in secondary stages of evolution or evolve really quickly. And not every pokemon needs too much...