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    ~~The Love Confessions Thread~~

    We all have/had love, one time. So anyways, confess your love/crush here, since they most likely aren't here. XD XD Mine likes Pokemon though, so he could be here XD XD What About you? *Make fun of me for making this useless thread*
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    Things People Make Fun Of You For...

    I'm Pretty sure we have all been made fun of before. And I'm not one to fight back, I kina just asorb it and let it sink in and bother me. Things I have been made fun of for: My Poofy hair My big sense of drama My slight case of acne (its gone now) My dream to move to Japan (and the fact that...
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    Medical stuff you had done

    I have had only a few (most have been dental): I was bike riding last October, and hit a guardrail while going down a hill (too fast), slicing my stomach open (4 days and 3 nights in hospital). Ran into treadmill a few years ago, jammed my two front teeth WAY up in there. I got a metal bar (what...
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    Are cats welcome here?

    Hello! I have a question... or two... How do change your name? I don't exactly want to be stuck with the same name. And how does that thing that has Prof. Oak and two of the starters change? Anywho, I just wanted to say hello! I'd be thrilled to make some new friends!