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    Is Geninja still a top tier Ash Pokemon without it's evolution?

    I know as a Forgidier it was pretty OP, but in base is Greninja still one of Ash's strongest pokemon? I was wondering because I do not remember much battles for it in base.
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    Ash: The Flying type pokemaster.

    Basically what is team is turning into. Besides Pikachu, and Frogadier, he has 3 flying types. Yes the have different sub typings. Getting rid of Goodra was a mistake,
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    This is truely a great day for pokemon fans.

    For years we been wanting Ash to; 1.) Rotate his team, and 2.) Catch lots of pokemon! So far in Black n White he's been doing both. I mean sure I hope he doesn't catch too many, but one or two more wouldn't be too bad. Finally we can have diverse team.
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    Infernape or Torterra

    As you know Ash now has two fully evolved starters. Now why is this worthy of making a thread. Well lets look in every region Ash has had that one starter that stood out compared to the rest. That starter was his main powerhouse and would fight high tier opponents. Now Infernape has the...
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    Bayleef and Sceptile.Love in the Air.Rated R pokemon movie...okay I'll stop here.

    Well in the episode Grovyle evolved he fell in love with a Meganium.Well here is my thougt. Ash comes home from the sinnoh league and goes to oaks lab to visit his pokemon.While he sees some of his old pokemon,He notices Bayleef and Sceptile aren't around.He walks through oaks lab and notices...
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    My new team.

    I started my Emerald over again and I want to know what I can do to make a good team so far my pokemon team is. Marshtop Zubat Slakoth. I want to make a unique team,and I think I got the right pokemon so Far.What other pokemon do I need to help my team so far.
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    Im looking for a Battle.Will post friend code.
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    Is this a Ballanced team ?

    Im training all these pokemon from scatch.Can you help me by telling me there strenght and Weakness,Suggestions etc. pokemon. lv. 20 Grovyle Gentle nature pound fury cutter absorb quick attack. Level 19 Monferno.Rash nature. Flame wheel Flamethrower Brick Break Rock smash...
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    Favorite Ash party.

    Ash has 4 been threw 4 regions and I want to know which ones your favorite party. ( Pokemon team.) Kanto party Pikachu Bulbasaur Squrtile Chariazard Snorlax Kingler Muk Tauros ButterFree Haunter Pidgeot Primeape. lapris Jhoto party Totodile Cyndyquil Bayleef Noctowl...
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    See the guy who beat Cynthia

    I beat the intire game with this team Diagla Uxie Torterra Luxray Staraptor Rapadash. Who dares challenge me Muawhhaaa!!!!!! I'll post game code in a minute.
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    who would be ash's main tank powerhouse pokemon.

    Well so far Ash has a chimchar, turtwig, gligar, staravia, buizel,and pikachu. Who do you think will become Ash's strongest Dp team pokemon? His strongest pokemon on his kanto team was Charizard. His strongest pokemon on his Johto team was Bayleef. His strongest hoen pokemon was...
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    Dawn and swinub.Ash and Gliscor.

    How do you guys think dawn will get Swinub? When do you think she will get swinub? Same for Ash when do you think he will evolve gligar. speculate
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    Crocodile vs Moria.

    All bloodust.
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    Nando a rival for both are hero's

    will he be a rival to both or only to one of them
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    pokemon more interesting.

    Im taking a poll around to all the pokemon Fans and I want to know what the writters could do to make the show more interesting. This is in spoilers because possible capyure thoughts and story line spoilers.
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    Save the stray Hippopatas.speculation.

    Will change tittle. Well From what we know J is in this eppy and Ash might be getting a pokemon.Speculate.Again will change title.
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    Well this topic is about Shinji and what do think he did in all the other areas like in Kanto Johto and Hoen and When he got his Turtwig.
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    One Piece fan club.

    Xx Lotad | Lombre | Ludicolo | Club xXThis is an one piece fan club that I made to talk about one piece.All the rules still apply but I made some new ones too. 1.This will have spoilers in it so have some spoiler tags over the spoiler so you will not ruin it for say some who is reading the...
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    When would Main charaters pokemon Evolve?

    This is not If they Evolve but I want to when tou Guys think they will Evolve. Ash Aipom=Ambipom=Around the 4 or 5 gyms. Starly=Strapotar=Before the 7 gym turtwig=Grotle=Same as Ambipom. Brock Happiny=Chansy=Late in Sinnoh Croagunk dont want to evo Dawn Pochama=Prinplup=Same as Ambipom Buizel...
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    Favorite and worse Manga

    Title says it all Type the reasons Why you like it one manga and the type the reason you hate the other then compare it. One piece is my favorite because all the battles that the crew does and all the character that get developed. Hikaru no Go i dont like very much because...