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    RMT OU: Art of Frozone: Converte Catclysm

    Art of Frozone:Converte Cataclysm This is my first attempt at a Trick Room team, and it has actually been fairly successful after some extensive buffing and playtesting. The original lineup was Abomasnow, Reuniclus, Dusclops, Tentacruel, Escavalier, and Kyurem. Needless to say this team was...
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    RMT UU: Blacknight Raikiri

    An Overview: So this is my first UU team, so I apologize if it is a piece of crap. I will need to test the waters a bit before I become better at working in this tier. Anyways this team works around crippling my opponent with status effects, and then cleaning up the trash. The team is built...
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    What is your opinion on online relationships/dating?

    With the internet being used by a super majority of the worlds demographics in society these days many people have actively engaged in internet relationships. However with this comes much criticism of whether they are healthy, and if they are even real relationships, as many socially awkward...
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    If you were any Pokemon type, what type do you think you would be?

    Personally I think I would be poison. I tend to enjoy watching my opponent gradually decline.
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    RMT: Magmal Salamanova (OU)

    Igneousto (Forretress) @Leftovers Impish Sturdy 252 HP / 176 Def / 80 SpD ~Spikes ~Toxic Spikes ~Stealth Rock ~Rapid Spin I will start out leading with Forretress. This will allow me, given the circumstance, to immediately start setting up entry hazards based on the team I am facing. I decided...
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    What would you guys say to a music club on here?

    I am thinking about making one. However I want enough people actually interested so it is active and not a dullfest. It is for musicians and music appreciators.
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    Yo. I'm new.

    How is everyone doing? If you have any questions feel free to ask.