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    The Pokemon Tower Defense Club V. 2.0- Now 100% more active!

    That's right its back! The Pokemon Tower Defense Club! The first club didn't go so well because due to me, the owner, not being quite so active. Hopefully this time thing will go better. Here you can talk about trades, new updates, the upcoming sequel, and everything else relating to Pokemon...
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    Most pointless Town in Pokemon?

    There's plenty of towns in Pokemon that are there just for a Pokemon Center and serve barley any other purpose, but which one is the most pointless? I have to say Oldale Town, as there's no events there at all.
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    OMG, its the end of Nintendo!!!!!!!!

    I say this for a few reasons: 1. The 3DS was a "failure" 2. A ten year old on Youtube said the Wii U sucks, and I believe him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlqDMmKYz9E&feature=mh_lolz&list=HL1317090802 3. The Wii U's controller is too big. This all means its the...
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    Stupid "fans"

    So today, I was on IGN and I was looking at an article about Pokemon Rumble Blast, and I went strait to the comments. Here is a comment I found: "The spin-offs suck, they should make gen 6 already." The simple answer: Spin-offs bring in extra money, They still have yet to make a third version...
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    Set or Shift?

    Simple, do you battle set or shift. I battle mine Shift, its alot more usefull for grinding.
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    Do you do the Contest/Pokemon Musical?

    Do you do the Contest/Pokemon Musical? It seems like most people don't, including me. EDIT: I forgot to put up the poll.
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    The Pokemon Tower Defense Club!

    Hey everyone, welcome to the Pokemon Tower Defense club. Here you can talk about trades, new updates, and everything else relating to Pokemon Tower Defense. Pokemon Tower Defense is a Fan Game made by Sam&Dan Games. For those of you who need to learn how to google, heres a link...
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    Smoochum Wars Book 1-Beginnings

    PG-13 Ladys and Gentlemen, you have just stumbled across quite possibly the dumbest idea for a fan fic ever, Smoochum Wars. I assure you will be entertained however, as you read about mans struggle against the Smoochum army. I now give you, Chapter 1: Chapter 1- “Well it all began”...
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    CanStudio help

    Whenever I try to record with Camstudio, there is a major lag. Does anyone here know how I can fix this?
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    Most improved Pokemon with an evolution in fouth gen

    Because there are alot of evolutions of previous Pokemon in fourth gen, which one do you think was most needed?I think Tangrowth and Probobass where huge improvements compared to Tangela and Nosepass.
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    Suggestons for Pokemon Red team

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestons for my Pokemon Red team. I'm already going to use Arbok, Dugtrio, and Charzard, so I need 4 more.
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    The Region of Namew

    rating-PG I've been writing stories for a while but no ones ever read them. That is why I am going to start off by letting you, the people of Serebii read them. This is my first fic of course. The fictakes place in the fake region of Namew. Hope you enjoy it! Chapter 1- Flint's...
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    Halo or Gears of War

    Gears of War. I just hated Halo.
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    Gears of War, Halo, Call of Duty, or Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

    Whitch Xbox360 game do you like best? My favorite is Gears of War. I like the story, but espesily the graphics. And guns with chainsaws! amazing! My second is Ghost Recon. Its not very popular, but I like it. They made it to where the story and life span very real. Third is Call of...
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    What do you think the ugliest pokemon are?

    Well I was thinking about this. I think the ugliest are: 1. drowzee-Just really realy ugly. 2. probobass-looks like mario and a rock had a child and this is it.;476; 3.smochum-A giant lip!! Well those are my three.
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    rate my emrald team

    Swampert Leftovers moves Ice Beam Surf Earthquake Muddy Water Breloom Miracle Seed moves Sky Uppercut Giga Drain Dynamicpunch Solarbeam Slaking Quick Claw moves Slash Swagger Hyper beam Thunder Crobat Shell Bell moves Wing Attack Steel Wing Poison...