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    Official Sun & Moon Help Thread

    Are the Johto Balls re-obtainable in any way?
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    Official Sun & Moon Help Thread

    Is the Stufful from Route 10 part of a side quest? Everytime I find it and talk to it, it disappears.
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    Official Sun & Moon Help Thread

    Hi guys, what hours classify as night hours? I'm trying to obtain TMs 21 & 27 in Malie City's Malasada shop but the oranguru and the police officer are never there.
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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

    A few months ago, I tried to catch Deoxys for a second time and went prepared, with nearly all types of strategies for its capture. So I was relying on timer balls, Capture O-power and usage of other balls and items for my pokemon just to fill the turns, and out of self deprication, shnits and...
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    Pokémon Sun & Moon - Hopes and Wish lists

    What I'd like to see is Nidoking finally being able to breed with Nidoqueen. Also, something highly unlikely to impossible: having your 1st pokemon in party follow you in the vein of HG/SS.
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    Thanks for helping out dude. ;)

    Thanks for helping out dude. ;)
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    Nah, its cool.

    Nah, its cool.
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    Nah, its cool.

    Nah, its cool.
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    Hold on, just gonna put it in a PC box.

    Hold on, just gonna put it in a PC box.
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    Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

    In addition to this, I seemingly can't trade with friends on the PSS, though I still can use the GTS. I'm strongly inclined to think it's because I'm using mobile data for connectivity. Any suggestions?
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    Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?

    I need help in evolving my Scyther, I can help anyone else who wishes so. 3DS code is in my sig. Cheers.
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    Hack-Check Thread (Read the OP for simple hack-checking)

    Hi guys, I got a Lugia through the GTS and everything seemed fine to me except for one thing: Pokemon Species: Lugia OT: Bryan IDno: 01161 Shiny?: No EV's: Yes IV's: 3x 31/30 IVs (Def;Sp.At and Spe) Nature: Modest Characteristic: Mischievous Ability: Pressure Moves: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump...
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    Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

    Hey guys, for the past couple of weeks I've been unable to perform Wonder Trades, I keep getting the message saying "We couldn't find a trading partner. Try again later" something like that. How can I solve this? Thanks in advance.
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    Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

    Do pokemons' natures matter when it comes to the Contest Spectacular?
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    Something I don't get is: why would anyone call Ever Grande City, a city, when all you have is just a pokemon center?
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    Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

    Not gameplay related, but in Magma's hideout, there's a grunt that mentions that A and Z in AZOTH stand for alpha and omega, respectively. What are the other letters supposed to mean?
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    Pokemon Rumble World - FC Trade Thread?

    I've added everyone on this thread. FC: 2208 - 6426 - 2784 GMT: London/Lisbon/Dublin
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    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    I can't remember if this is where I read about it, but Salamence can be very, very reliable in regards to it's Sp. Attack in just the right way, (I mean no kidding, it has base stat of 110). But how could I make use of it, competitively speaking?
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    Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

    Thanks NotABeginn and Nutter, though it's BP that I'm going for because of the move tutors. (And let's just say I'm not very fond of the Battle Maison.) About the Pokebank still, is there a formula that determines the amount of Pokemiles you earn? The main site only mentions the longer and...