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    Favourite Type of Move

    You know moves like Hyper Beam and Screech. They have their affects and all, but what about sub-categories. (stat lowering and just plain attack) Examples of Sub categories. Stat lowering Status changers. Which sub-categories do you like most? (sorry if it doesn't make sense I'm not...
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    Your Rival vs Paul

    Okay I've been thinking of this everyday (well most of the time) . Which rival is better your Rival (from D/P) or Paul (from the anime). They both have great pokemon. Who do you think would win if they had a battle?
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    Worse Case Scenarios

    You were just playing happily and then it happened.... (insert worse case scenario(s)) For me it was not putting a max repel at a chain of 26. (it didn't even tell me: Repel's effect wore off)
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    Arceus plate Factors

    How many of the Arceus plates have you found? (Well technically can be used for any other Pokemon if you read description) Thanks to Penguinist Trainer for Remainder. :D I found 7 different types out of 18 (including the plate that makes him into a ??? type). :D ;493;
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    Creating an item

    I thought if you could create a dungeon, then you could create an item. (name of item) (effect of item) (requirements: key,etc) (location if any) This is my item: Name: Time sphere Effect: Go into past of future (go visit dungeons like Dark Hill,etc) Location:Only one (Top of...
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    Altering Cave

    What about this cave? It was unlock after you beat the Elite Four and all you find is Zubats. Is there any other purpose for it?
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    Best Ability

    Which Pokemon ability is the best? PMD2 team: ;025; lvl 100 ;157; lvl 91 ;rukario; lvl 100 ;491; lvl 89
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    Best Item every!!!

    Best Item ever!!! What item would you prefer? Whoops I accidently spelled it wrong. -_-'' It was suppose to be Best Item Ever.
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    Favourite legendary

    which legendary do you like the most? I like Darkrai ;491;