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    Tarro's Trade Corner Reborn

    Tarro's Trade Corner Reborn Shop Status: OPEN Welcome to my 6th Gen trade shop! In this shop, I have a large variety of Pokemon I am willing to trade! From plain old Pokemon, to shinies! Before I list the available Pokemans, first are the rules, read them before posting: If you...
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    Pokemon (14): 3 Reshiram EX 1 Reshiram 2 Terrakion (NV) 2 Landorus 2 Fliptini 2 Growlithe (ND 11/99) 2 Arcanine (ND 12/99) Trainers (15): 2 Pokemon Communication 1 Super Rod 4 Eviolite 2 Catcher 4 Energy Retrieval 2 Switch Supporters (12): 4 Cilan 4 PONT 4 Collector...
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    Check out my Pokemon TCG Blog!

    Hey, I have just recently created a blog called "PokemonTCG Card of the Week". It has a card that I review and tell how it can be placed and be good in a deck! Here is the link: PokemonTCG Card of the Week Tell me here what next week's card should be and comment on it. Thank you...
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    Set Completions

    I am making this thread to see people set completions and people's progress in set completions. If you've completed a set, say which one(s). If you're working on a completion, make a checklist. You can have 1 post per set so this place doesn't get spammed. Edit your previous posts if you've...
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    Kyrureshikrom EX

    Pokemon (18): 2 Reshiram EX 2 Zekrom EX 2 Kyurem EX 2 Moltres 2 Zapdos 2 Articuno 2 Fliptini 2-2 Eelektrik Trainers (13): 4 Eviolite 4 Super Rod 3 Switch 2 Pokemon Communication Supporters (8): 2 Pokemon Collector 4 Cilan 2 Professor Oak's New Theory Stadium...
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    Help! Tournament coming up, need cards!

    I know that this is a random thread, but there is a Next Destinies PreRelease tournament coming up Feb 4, but my deck isn't finished... Is there anybody in the US that would be willing to trade, or somehow lend me the cards I need? What I mean by lend is you send me the card, I give you a card...
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    Rusting Warriors Deck

    Hey, this is my second deck here, this one is a Steel and Water Deck, please tell me if there is anything I should change. Well, here it is: Pokemon: 2-1-2 Feraligatr Prime 3 Kyurem 4 Cobalion (Noble Victories) 1-1 Palkia and Dialga Legend 2 Cleffa Trainers: Items: 1 Super Rod 4...
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    Swampy Glacier Deck

    I would like to note very quickly that this might not be very good as this is my first real deck and I have no experience. This deck deals with water so I'll just get started. Pokemon (20): Feraligatr Prime 2-1-2 Blastoise 2-1-2 Cleffa 2 Kyurem 3 Trainers (26): Items (13): Eviolite...
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    Tarro's Trade Corner

    Tarro's Trade Corner Status: OPEN!, WiFi and Computer are now working. You can make requets/opinions of what other Pokemon I should get to make my shop better. Hey! This is my Trade Shop for MANY different Pokemon. I will offer and take different Pokemon. First Line of business, the...
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    RNG Gen IV

    Hey peoples! I posted this thread to help those people who want to RNG DPPtHgSs. For those of you that don't know what RNG means, here it is: Random Number Generator This is to manipulate the Random Number Generator to get the specific Pokemon you want. So let's say you are breeding for a...
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    My Pearl Solo Run

    So, I decided I wanted to try a Solo run and I thought I could in Pearl since I started a new file a while ago, and I don't know which Pokemon I should Solo it with. These are the 2 I have so far: Infernape (maybe Shiny): Solarbeam, Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Shadow Claw Nature: Lonely...
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    Error and Misprint List

    Hello! I am making this thread for people to discuss or ask if their card is a misprint, maybe fake. For example, if something on the card is off a little, you could post that sort of thing, or if you have a misprinted card. Please be nice and no profanity. -Happy discussing! P.S. Sorry if...