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    Team Ancients

    Since the begining of our world creatures have evolved constantly, only the strongest can survive. And when it reached its climax, a time of powerful creatures in a never ending battle, it ended suddenly. Now they have a chance to come back. In team ancients our goal is to train, grow, and have...
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    The anime characters that you hate.

    Who is the personage of anime that you hate and you don't support to see. I hate Kira because he's hm....how sould I say this,he's stupid I mean when he's alone he only say':"I'm the GOD of the new world .I'm justice" He is justice and justice is a murder, right?But everyone have different...
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    Hm...hi I'm Bruno nice to meet you.I'm a pokefan and I joined because where I live poeple don't like that much of pokemon and I wanted to meet people that love pokemon just like I do.So hi!