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  1. nel3

    160,000 Nintendo accounts breached/hacked

    it seems like there was a breach of Ninendo of the Nintendo ID accounts in the number of 160,000 recently. i didnt link my Nintendo account to a credit card of paypal as i used a gift card to load up the account. i only have $10 left on the account and it doesnt seem like its any loss of funds...
  2. nel3

    LF HA galar Ponyta line

    im looking for a HA Galar ponyta line for an MM run. im currently 155 in with normal ability but id like to upgrade it to a HA option for the run.( sword game file) i dont really deal with shinies/legends/events in the games but i can offer legit bankball pokemon. i can also breed 5IV pokemon...
  3. nel3

    LF gigatamx Centiskorch

    im looking for a Centiskorch in a luxury ball that can be named. a neutral nature is fine but a good nature favoring the special attack is better timid/modest. i only got the sword game after the event ended but thats something on my part. the luxury ball (or a reddish orange pokeball) is...
  4. nel3

    pokedex completion

    i recently restarted a 2nd hand purchase copy of Y. i have cleared the first gym in the save file at this point. i already have 2 other complete and developed save files on X and OR. ive taken stock of what legendary pokemon i do have spread between pokebank and the 2 gen6 games. i can use those...
  5. nel3

    Pokken Tournament

    the game may be 4yrs old at this point but i finally gave into the desire to get the game. im a big fan of fighting games and this game is still new enough to discuss here. is anyone else balancing out the various Pokemon themed games with Pokken in their collection? i had a slightly rough...
  6. nel3

    Retired from pokemon games

    ive had a pretty long history with the series in general games and anime. started with yellow and silver, a 6yr hiatus to jump into 3DS HG and X, folowed by OR, sun and UM. i was really into the games until the first month of Sun. i got a near complete foreign data dex in X (minus most of the...
  7. nel3

    need help with braid pattern

    im sorry if this might be in the wrong subforum but its was either here or fan art section. if a mod deems it better in the fan art then feel free to transfer the thread over there. on my recent trip to Japan (Nikko) i bought a string bracelet but it was partially unraveled and i liked the...
  8. nel3

    Proudest or biggest personal achievement in the Pokemon games.

    I'm sure everyone has certain goals or achievements they have done in the present or past Pokemon games. It could be having a living shiny dex, living legend/event dex or some lofty goal by accumulating various items in the game ETC. Is anyone here in the process of gong through such a...