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  1. Z

    What were youre Epic fails in pokemon games

    Repeatedly using shadow ball on the 4th Elite in D/P/Pt's Girafarig. I was watching telly so didn't notice that it said 'does not affect Girafarig' -.-
  2. Z

    Pokemon Type Discussion

    Yeah, I reckon rock/dragon would be awesome. I'm imagining something like haxorus, but made of rock.
  3. Z

    The Ninja Leauge

    Yes it is. Any challengers for me yet?
  4. Z

    OU Hazards Team!

    That's a good idea. It'll help against set-up sweepers too! Thanks for the ideas! I'll edit the 1st post now
  5. Z

    No idea lol XD

    No idea lol XD
  6. Z

    Sand in UU (peaked 1st, currently hold 11th)

    I'm not that experienced at UU, but I'd definetly reccomend going back to Choice Band on Stoutland.
  7. Z

    Here's my badge, as promised: [IMG] Or if this is easier...

    Here's my badge, as promised: [IMG] Or if this is easier: http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af329/PokemonBadges/MicroIsshu/137.png
  8. Z

    OU Hazards Team!

    @ Ultimatedarkrai: I've tried forretress, whatever set I run, it never works for me @Cara: I like the Gastrodon idea, but I was thinking of a sweeper. The main reason why I chose swampert was because with curse and EQ it can do a lot of damage. @ SuperZekrom: Hmm.... That's not a bad idea...
  9. Z

    The Ninja Leauge

    That's my type! Grrr....
  10. Z

    The Battling Academy

    Hey guys, I must apologise in advance if I'm inactve. I'm very busy atm, and if it comes to it, I may have to resign. But yeah, I'll try to stay for as long as I can!
  11. Z

    The Ninja Leauge

    Well, Ninja Dewott says I got the job :D
  12. Z

    The Battling Academy

    Username: Zz56 PO Name/FC: Zz56 Signature Pokemon: Gyarados GMT: +0 Battling Experience: Quite a lot Would you like a test battle to be promoted to Seniors?: I would indeed Refered by: All the people with [BA] in front of their PO names in Ninja Dewott's leauge. AWESOME!
  13. Z

    The Ninja Leauge

    Gym Leader/Elite Application Form Name: Zz56 PO Name: Zz56 Type: Flying If, for some reason, you do not want to be an Elite, please state so here: I'm fine with elite status ;) I may be new here, but don't underestimate me! ;)
  14. Z

    OU Hazards Team!

    Hmm.. That's not a bad idea at all. Do you have ay suggestions for the 6th pokemon?
  15. Z

    The thing in your sig? I'll check it out, but... how would that get me a sig?

    The thing in your sig? I'll check it out, but... how would that get me a sig?
  16. Z

    OU Hazards Team!

    Hey there! This is my Hazards team which I use. I'd like it to be better, and I figured you guys'd help me with that. Btw, I read up on the rules, and researched other peoples RMTs, so I think I've got the format right! Quagsire@ Leftovers Unaware Careful EVs: 252 Hp / 252 Sp.Def / 4...
  17. Z

    You know where to find signature? XD

    You know where to find signature? XD
  18. Z

    Well, hey there!

    Thanks for the welcomes guys! :)
  19. Z

    Well, hey there!

    I will thanks! :D
  20. Z

    Best Dragon Dancer

    Definetly Dragonite! He's the only one of them where getting a OHKO on him is practically impossible! He also has roost, which is more reliable recovery that scrafty's drain punch. Finally, his moveset is collosall! Go Dragonite! (Yay, ma first post!)