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    you should have been aborted

    you should have been aborted
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    How about... No, **** off?

    How about... No, **** off?
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    My AWESOME Idea! Destruct-Lord!

    tl;dr You honestly think you're the first person to put self destruct on a wailord? http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/wailord
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    Garchomp, Deoxys-S and Wobb

    Ahahahahaha! Surely you're not for real? Kyogre is the most overcentralising Pokemon in Ubers, (being 1600 uses above Rayquaza on 5200) let alone in OU!
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    Garchomp, Deoxys-S and Wobb

    To correct something seemingly minor here, the vote was not made by "50 of Smogons best". The vote was made by 50 people who took the time and effort to reach the required rankings on Smogon's Shoddy leaderboard, in both the standard OU and OU-Chomp and Deo-e metagames. These aren't Smogon...
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    What pokemon do you use the most?

    Defencive Roosting Zapdos lead. <3. EDIT: Full moveset Roost / Thunderbold / Thunderwave / HP [Ice] @ Lum Berry
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    What is the noobiest thing someone has done to you in a wifi - battle?

    I mainly get Disconnects when my Zapdos uses Hidden Power Ice on their Dragon... Or when I bluff HP Grass by switching into something like Swampert then HP the Dragon... quite annoying I guess, but can you really blame them for not expecting it?
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    Competitive Single Rates V2

    Tentacruel, Milotic, Snorlax and Cradily in sandstorm are pretty much your only viable options. Zapdos to some extent but works better as a tank and would need a good amount of EVs invested. Again Smogon has the movesets.
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    ---------- trade me riku for shiny jirachi ---------- I need full information about any trades...

    ---------- trade me riku for shiny jirachi ---------- I need full information about any trades, including the nature, EVs, and IVs of your Pokemon, and exactly which one of mine you want. I am quite intrigued by the offer though...
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    Forget themes on a team, I'm done, rate this instead.

    I'm wondering why I came back here... (to SPPF, not this RMT lol)*sigh* Choice Pokemon use Focus Punch on the switch, or when you predict the opponent will try to Stat up. Quite effective when it removes a Pokemons usual counters such as Blissey. Focus Sash Ninjask is a waste of a good...
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    Umbreon help!

    Probably the most boring way to kill a Pokemon ever. http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/umbreon There you go.
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    Why is everyone so certain there will be a 5th Generation?

    Money. Money > Your Logic.
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    umm..., what?

    umm..., what?
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    Not the standard stuff...ZOMG WUT!?

    Only problem Ceasar is that this team isn't different, it already has all the standards lol. Electivire wants a nature change and some satk EVs if you intend to run T-bolt just so you know. If you want to stall with Ludicolo this is the standard stalling set: 252 HP / 76 SpA / 180 SpD...
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    Should bugs fly?

    Scyther would have a problem with evolution if it could get fly But Scizor couldn't. Lol, you missed the obvious sarcasm there. Of course Pokemon is illogical, that's why a thread criticising Pokemon for giving Zubat Fly is a horrible thread.
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    Para support, kinda.

    If you're going to be focusing on Pyara you need a way to dish it out via Body Slam so you can hit Grounds. Togekiss and Jirachi are really your only options there (Dunsparace!).
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    The Ultimate Cliche/OU Double Battle Team

    Is Whirlwind different from Roar in Doubles? If not it's preferable on Skarm.
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    Doubles Team in Competitive & Battle Tower

    I would put Explosion over Giga Impact on Meta and use Protect > Crunch on Salamence. Crunch doesn't hit anything real vital anyway. Earthquake takes down anything Fire+Dragon misses. Overall lacks syncrony. The pairing don't work the best together tbh...
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    Your methods of training

    Get them EV trained then Rare candy them up to 50 if I want them in the battle tower or just leave them if they're for WiFi.
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    A pattern?

    Nincada :P