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  1. FluffyMeatloaf

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - HELP THREAD (Don't ask about Victini)

    Does the move Soak work in tandem with Net Balls? Probably a weird thing to throw out there, but this was something I did back when I played Shield. I'd use Soak to change a wild Pokemon's type to water, then use Net Balls for their improved catch rate against said type. It seemed to work, but...
  2. FluffyMeatloaf

    Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus - HELP THREAD [Ask your questions here]

    There wouldn't happen to be any tricks to influencing the rate at which certain trees / rocks shake, would there? I did a bit of poking around and couldn't really find anything concrete beyond 'return to village, try area again' which the idiot in me finds disagreeable since I don't like going...
  3. FluffyMeatloaf

    Battle Maison questions: Truant Durant and Triple / Rotation ideas

    Been doing a slowly ongoing project as of late that's taken me to gen VI now, Pokemon X in question, and, being the battle facility novice that I generally am, figured I'd ask about good ways of getting through the Battle Maison for ribbon purposes. Mostly on two points here: clarifying bits on...
  4. FluffyMeatloaf

    5th Gen Help Thread

    Thanks, good to be sure on this sort of thing, at least as far a ribbon enthusiasm goes.
  5. FluffyMeatloaf

    5th Gen Help Thread

    Rather than make a new topic for this question I figured I'd ask it here: there's absolute certainty on there being no in-game obtainable ribbons in all of fifth gen, right? Nothing sneaky, or relevant to transfer, or any of the things introduced in the sequels like the PWT? Only limited time...
  6. FluffyMeatloaf

    Any tips for a battle tower streak of 21?

    Gooooood lord I did it, I even got lucky enough to do it on the first shot. It was uncomfortably close, the tycoon leading with Dragonite and Garchomp's Dragon Claw not cutting it (I probably could have Substituted until Dragon Rush missed to buff, but let's face it, Dragon Rush wasn't going to...
  7. FluffyMeatloaf

    Any tips for a battle tower streak of 21?

    Dang, this is the sort of strategy I had been wondering about for this gen. I know nowadays, or at least during the sixth and seventh gens, a truant Durant with Entrainment along with a Cloyster (or I suppose any solid sweeping poke, really) was one of the go-tos for cheesing the battle...
  8. FluffyMeatloaf

    Any tips for a battle tower streak of 21?

    Yeah, that's the thing, I can only use two here. The third poke is basically there to get a ribbon and is purposefully unevolved with random EV investment from going through XD normally. (they can have quick attack, which MIGHT be useful, otherwise they'd only be good as a decoy) I'd love to...
  9. FluffyMeatloaf

    Any tips for a battle tower streak of 21?

    I realize this is probably a goofy question given that the real nonsense of the tower doesn't start until after beating the tycoon at this number, but I'm in a bit of a spot where one of the Pokemon I'm using isn't exactly suited for battles and I only really want the ribbon from getting this...
  10. FluffyMeatloaf

    How far can I get in the Battle Tower with basically two Pokemon...?

    Incidentally... what would be good choices for those two? I've looked a bit back 'round here to see options like Skarmory, Salamence, and Starmie, but I think those all kind of need support from a full, proper team. I can only work with two because one spot's gotta be taken by a Pokemon I want a...
  11. FluffyMeatloaf

    Max raid NPC's from best to worst?

    Hey now, it's not Solrock's fault that their trainer is monumentally incompetent : P But seriously, Martin really is the worst. It feels like he's there as a constant reminder of things that don't pan out well in raids: boosting stats and depending on an ability. Both just get flushed away when...
  12. FluffyMeatloaf

    Your inbox is full, yo. Was tryin' to ask if you still needed a female Eevee with it's hidden...

    Your inbox is full, yo. Was tryin' to ask if you still needed a female Eevee with it's hidden ability :P
  13. FluffyMeatloaf

    Inbox is full, yo.

    Inbox is full, yo.
  14. FluffyMeatloaf

    #632 Durant

    I'd really like to get a hold of one of these DW female Durants with that Truant ability before the Wi-Fi gets blow'd up. I'm afraid I can't offer anything with spectacular IVs, but I did do a fair bit with the Dream World so if you're also looking for something from there than I should...