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    Oddly Useful Pokemon

    In my HG team, I thought my Nidoking was useless. He had a very, very bizarre build due to a combination of IVs (primarily) and EVs (secondary). Basically, he had decent HP, high speed, and very, very high special attack. His Attack, Special Defense, and Defense were pretty bad. After...
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    Biggest "Are you KIDDING me?!" Moments

    During the battle with Lance in HeartGold, he sent out a Dragonite and decided to use Thunder. Nothing wrong with that... Until it hit 4 times in a row.
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    That one extra second after selecting a move that signalizes it missed....

    Annoyance or apathy, depending on the situation.
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    I is confused too. lol (But it doesn't take much...)

    I is confused too. lol (But it doesn't take much...)
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    Are you ready to go back to school?

    I guess. I switched majors from Early Childhood Education to Computer Information Sciences, so I'm pretty excited about that. I'm just not looking forward to my 3 hour long Sociology class tonight... Ick.
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    What's YOUR in-game play-style?

    Wayyy back in Red/Blue, I preferred offensive attacks to defensive. As long as I was doing a little damage each turn, I just didn't care. Trainers in RBY had infinite PP, so stalling was... pretty much not worth it, heh. As the generations came and went, though, I found my playstyle changing...
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    Are there trainers out there that don't EV train?

    I don't EV train, as I don't competitively battle much anymore. I'm a sophomore in college, and classes start today. I know that until mid-December, I'm probably not going to have much free time. Time is the reason why I don't EV train or battle competitively anymore.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Should Gamefreak and Nintendo take our ideas? Oh, no, no, no. Never. If those fanmade games are any indication, Pokemon will be ruined forever if Gamefreak took our ideas. There's a few good ones, but so many bad...
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    Make a trade? Of course! You'll just have to tell me what you want and give me a bit of time to...

    Make a trade? Of course! You'll just have to tell me what you want and give me a bit of time to get ready. Can't Wi-Fi here on campus, and I left most of my games at home. >.<
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Shinies are overrated. Once people figured out the Masuda method and how to RNG, Shinies became overrated. Now it's easier than ever to get a shiny, and they're not even rare anymore.
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    What is a Pokemon Master?

    Someone who collects all Pokemon, knows how to handle every situation in battle, and has fun while training their team. Tackling the eight gyms and the Elite 4 is a must.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    When I was younger, back in the RBY days with abundant rumors of PokeGods, I created my own Pokemon. My ex-stepcousin and I always debated about how Mewthree would look.
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    How would you react if your family know youre playing pokemon?

    My family and boyfriend know. A lot of my friends at college play Pokemon, so they know too. Really, it's not that big of a deal. Everyone enjoys different video games.
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    Cover Fossil or Plume Fossil

    I chose the Cover Fossil for Tirtouga, because I needed a few Water and Rock moves for my team at the time. In my Black play-through, I'll probably choose Archen so I'll have both.
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    Do you use guidebooks?

    I usually use websites, not guide books. Even then, I usually only use websites to track down hard-to-find Pokemon/version exclusives, and to see what the Gym Leader's team's levels are. For example, "Oh, this gym leader has level 35s, so I should have at least 30s on my team." I have a...
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    Do you play other games besides Pokémon?

    Of course I do! - Runescape - World of Warcraft - Animal Crossing: Wild World - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Okami - Mario series Just to name a few. I try to play a bit of everything.
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    Pokemon in 3D?

    One day, the series will move onto 3D models. The question is when. With Nintendo's recent price cut of the 3DS, the 3DS's low sales, and the fact that Nintendo has quit promoting the 3D capabilities on the 3DS (3D was just a fad, it seems), I'm having doubts that it will happen in the next...
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    gotta catch em all... but is it even possible?

    It's always been possible to catch all the Pokemon. Granted, the earlier you get into the games, the better, as each generation introduces more Pokemon to capture. I really pity those who started playing this generation - over 600 Pokemon to catch. Trainers who started earlier at least have the...
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    The most frustrating thing in games

    Caves and water routes. Zubat and Tentacool galore! Not to mention it seems like the encounter rate skyrockets in those areas. Also, wild Pokemon or trainer Pokemon with Self-Destruct/Explosion. Talk about spiteful AI.
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    Wild Encounter/Battling

    In the beginning of the game, I fight in every wild encounter. Usually, before the first gym, there aren't too many trainers, and I'm trying to start building my team. In addition, your moves have more PP, allowing you to grind a bit longer. After the first gym, I use wild encounters to catch...