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    yea ima join da clan, but i dnt know wat times u guys go on

    yea ima join da clan, but i dnt know wat times u guys go on
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    haha yea i remember those times too, they were reall fun. It's okay i dnt mind vms i was jus...

    haha yea i remember those times too, they were reall fun. It's okay i dnt mind vms i was jus never really active on this site until now. Hows everythin been wid u?
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    Team Plans in General

    typlosion ampharos gyarados( not red, comes to late) tyranitar (if available pre-elite four, if not then, then Dragonite) pidgeot( maybe noctowl, or staraptor if avaible, depends on dex) Lugia What do you guys think?
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    Official Platinum Shiny Discussion; read the first post.

    well i got pretty screwed because on my way to celestic town, i found a scyther and i really wanted it and wasted my last ultra ball on it nad the next pokemon was a shiny noctowl which i really wanted, and even worse i didn't even catch the scyther, just my luck
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    Platinum Help Thread.

    hey i need help on 2 things, one how do you get teh platinum orb and two how do i see manaphy, last one in my dex? please help and thank u
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    ill trade ur shiny wartortle for a shiny roselia

    ill trade ur shiny wartortle for a shiny roselia
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    ~ Official Pokémon Platinum Discussion Thread 2 ~ (READ 1ST POST OR ELSE)

    does n e one have a turtwig, i can give a lv. 35 roselia, or anything up to the 7th gym
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    ~ Official Rotom Forms Discussion ~ Please read the first post ~ - All Formes Reveal

    weell i read the first 2 pages of this thread and this page and i wud have to say blue-weird one, but ill go with rotom like everyone orange-well wen i first say it i thought of wynaut(weird i know) red-i was thinking more of krabby then rotom purple-ya i guess its between rotom and baltoy...
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    Dragon Quest Monster: Joker

    I need help with my team I have Psaro, Alabast Dragon, and Hawkhart Ace/Ruin p.s. this is for wi-fi ill give more info on monsters as soon as someone replies
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    Is it possible At ALL?

    u should of gotten time, the best reason to get darkness is for mewtwo anyways, no you cant unless in the future they give out a code
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    How lucky are YOU with legendary recruits?

    well, im pretty luck since so far the max was 4 tied with moltres and darkrai, i have all the legends, except rayquaza, 3 times failed, after i get him, i have all the legends possible in one game :)
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    adventure log of pmd2

    has any one completed the adventure log, I have 6 question marks left, but i dont know the one that goes between foiled darkrais plan and recruited zapdos, can someone tell me what it is
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    PMD2 Help Thread (Possible Spoilers)

    heatrans item is called fiery drum, i have a question, on serebii spin off dex dp, i looked to see the recruitment rate of some pokemon like vulpix and duskull and it said impossible, does that mean its extremely hard to get, or u cant get them
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    Anyone have any PMD2 legendaries yet?

    currently i have uxie, mesprit, azelf, cresselia, phione, heatran, manaphy, registeel, regigagas, groudon, suicune, zapdos, and mewtwo( recruited first time, one hit ko with golden mask) woot woot working on entei EDIT: i got regice, articuno, lugia, mew, raikou, latias, latios, kyogre...
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    need new secret slab or mystery part

    i was trying to get latias in happy outlook, but i had to go somewhere, so i quicked saved, turned it on, got koed and lost both my golden mask and mystery part and about 5 missions before lost my secret slab, so am i done for? or can someone give me either, id really appreciate it, or if u can...
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    how to get sum legends

    how do u recruit suicune, jirachi, and moltres, on the main site of serebii it says u need a mystery part, but when i go to the dungeon it says that have to get rid of all my items, which doesn't make sense can someone help me
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    need tips in pmd2

    oo thanks ill try that in a bit, watching basketball lol, hopefully it works
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    need tips in pmd2

    i seem to be short on money now, so no reviver seeds are available, i rarely find sleep sleeds, and violent seeds just arent enough, i got leaf storm instead of tackle now too and im level 47 a piece so i dont know, my type is a disadvantige too, and it seems impossible
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    need rescuing in hidden land 13f

    pasword: SQ#XRQY-F592FC#=4& C5W&956NH870T8K&9H 0WH%3RYF24746&T+Q3