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    [NU] Lonlyness

    [Wifi NU] Lonlyness Hi, latly I have been toying with Normal/Flying types, due too Pidgeot beeing considerd bad, he had alright stats, base total of 469, 5th place of all Normal/Flying out of 11 Pokémon. But he lacked a strong poit, like Swellow's Spd or Togekiss's SpAtk. But I looked at bird...
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    Yanmega's Revenge

    Yanmega’s Revenge As you can see this team is based around Yanmega DW OU. I hope you can help perfect this team. Team assembly I thought to make a team that revolves around a forgotten bug (which is a great special sweeper along with Butterfree) Yanmega. He should not be forgotten with two...
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    Team toxic spikes

    Team toxic spikes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beedrill (M) @ Focus Sash Trait: Swarm EVs: 255 Atk / 255 Spd Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef) IVs:0 HP/0 DEF /0 SPDF - Toxic Spikes - Endeavor - Protect - X-Scissor Beedrill is my lead ...
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    My the best UU rain dance team(maybe a littel of)

    i this is my first rain dance team for uu im free for any sugjestos so here i go Electrode - Rain dace -Explode -Thunder -Taunt Item: Damp rock Nature: Hasty Ability: Static EVs: 252 SPD /228 SATK/28 ATK Ment to use taunt, to prevent stealth rock, rain dance then thunder or explosion...
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    my first rain team

    hi this is my first rain dance team for uu im free for any sugjestos so here i go (i can only use stuff in HG) Electrode Role: Lead /dedicatid rain dancer - Rain dace -Explode -Thunder -Taunt Item: Magnet Nature: Hasty Ability: Static EVs: 252 SATK /228 SPD/28 ATK Seaking...
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    my first rain dance team

    Hi this is my first rain dance team im free for any tips and advice i can also change any poke to one in HG HERE I GO electrode Role:lead seaking Role: pysical attaker -rain dance -megahorn -explotion...