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    Rate my FireRed team

    I'm going to do my first playthrough of FireRed soon so i'm planning this team. I don't really care about natures tbh (I'll just take what I can get) and for most of the game I'll be swapping a exp. share around my team so I couldn't really care about items until the Elite 4. Venusaur (m)...
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    Pokémon White Team

    Pokémon White Team Finally have all the moves ect. I couldn't be bothered with items or natures. Emboar (Ham) Flamethrower Poison Jab Boiling Water/fighting move? Fire move? Unfezant (Early Bird) Fly Air Slash Roost ??? Reuniclus (Squishy) Psychic Psycho Shock Shadow Ball...
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    Rate my Emerald team?

    Is this a good team?: Sceptile Swellow Gardevoir Manectric Camerupt Walrein Any thoughts?