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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I finished making my team. This is my first time having a team without my starter I'm going to use Pokémon I have never used before. :D Magmortar Flamethrower Thunderbolt Earthquake Confuse Ray Jolteon Thunderbolt Thunder Wave Shadow Ball Signal Beam Golurk - I'm going to trade an egg from my...
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    Gameplay Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I suspect the underwater tunnel replaces a bridge between 2 town.
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    Gameplay Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I hope Dive is used more than just looking at some ruins.
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    What was your first lv100?

    My Charizard on Diamond.
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    Movies You Hate

    Twilight, Cars 1 and 2 (only Pixar film I don't like) and most Direct to DVD films.
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    Top 2 saddest game moments.

    The end of Red Dead. The end of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 This too ^
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    Dumb NPC moments.

    I'll never understand why so many NPCs have Oder Sleuth/Foresight.
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    How long did it take you to catch Feebas?

    Never caught, probably never will. ;_;
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    Best Dragon Dancer

    I constantly get swept by Dragon Dancing Dragonites on one of my teams.
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    Obtaining your first "Strong" Pokemon?

    Dugtrio in Yellow. Destroyed everything with it :)
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    Isn't Pikachu...weak?

    My second playthrough of Yellow, I ditched Pikachu and got an Electrode.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Shroomish for sure
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    What if Pokemon wasn't avaliable in English?

    Then my childhood would suck
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    Favorite R/S/E Gym Leader

    I love Flannery *.*
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Cubone's back story. ;_;
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    Favorite New Evolution?

    I really like Dusknoir and Electivire. Also Gliscor. They're all on one of my competitive teams.
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    What is the toughest time you ever had catching a pokemon?

    Lugia in HG. Safeguard wouldn't allow me to put him to sleep. :/
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    Who misses RSE and Hoenn?!

    I don't miss them because I play Emerald a lot
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    Pokemon you think need to evolve

    Torkoal needs a pre evo. Same goes for Lapras and Skarmory.