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    2DS won't turn on and makes a popping sound!?

    Hey guys I recently broken my LCD by accident, sitting on it while it was on my bed and I didn't see it, I managed to save up and buy a replacement screen off ebay and managed to install it. At first the 2DS would turn on but the directional pad wasn't put in properly because the touch...
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    D/P Opening?

    Hey sorry I don't know where this would go, but does anyone know where there are pics of the opening scenes of the show, the one where it shows all the characters pokemon, i.e: like this one But updated with Gliscor, Yanmega and Swinub, Thanks is advance!
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    Spoiler Alert, possible capture to come?

    Don't think this has been posted, I was going through some pics on coro coro and a came across this - It has Ash's, Pikachu, Turtwig, Buizel and Chimchar Brocks Sudowood and Happiny Dawns Buneary, Piplup, Ambipom and Swinub Team Rockets Meowth and Mime Jr. But whats this! a...
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    Water Trainers Back with Fakemon!

    Hey guys it's been so long since I last posted something, but I'm back with alot, a whole lot! I hadn't posted anything for about 6 months cause I've been really really busy, but I still had time to do my sprites about 250 of them. I've re-vamped some of my oldies (you might tell) And I've...
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    ~Water Trainers Fakemon (Remakes)~

    Hey, it's me...:) you may already know about my sprites, you may not but I'm remaking all of my sprites!!! These are the ones I've done so far* (Note: they might be changed a little later) I've also removed 2 of my types, Gem and Dino, so that's part of the reason I had to change the sprites...
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    Water Trainer Is Back!

    Hey long, long time since I last posted something. months actually. here are my fakemon sprites I hope you like! And there is still one more page to come!
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    I'm Stuck In Pearl

    I'm sorry about this thread. Everytime I use the search button it comes up with an error so sorry. Anyways I'm stuck on Pokemon Pearl. I'm in Hakutai City, I've got my 2nd badge and I bet Jupitar at the Galaxy HQ. Now I'm stuck, I went to the Ghost mansion and did everything there and...
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    Another English Name

    I'm pretty sure this hasn't been posted but Roselias Evo's English name is Roserade it's name was revealed at Pokemon.com aswell as Piplup.
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    Water Trainers New Fakemon Thread!

    Updated: I've posted almost all of the sprites I've done (a couple missing) Note, some of these pokemon have Evos that haven't been done yet. I'll post them up whent they are done. Also names and Types will be up soon. Updated: A lot of people have been asking me for sprites, the answer is...
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    Water Trainers Fakemon

    I'm new to spiriting so these are not that good, their for my hack game I'm making at the moment The first are the grass starters, I've made 2 sets because I wanted to try different poses their names are Shrubie - Shrubzor - Shrublade Next is the fire starters Blazgo - Infergo -Lavaron...
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    Someone posted before

    Sorry about this but the thread I was going to post in got closed, it was the one about Dorapion fighting Golduck, and there was an unidentified pokemon in the list, everyone said it was Cherimu in it's closed form but I translated the name and it says it's 'TIERIMU' I know this thread is...
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    *~Water Trainers scratch sprites!~*

    This is now my thread for my sprites, I've only just started spriting, but I've been drawing my own pokemon since forever! well yer anyway here is my first batch! 2 starters + Roselia's Evo Fire Starter: Fake Starters: Fakemon Onix pre-evo Rocix
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    water trainers fakemons

    These are my water starters for my fan games Opal & Topaz I'll post more when they are done Names: Parapid - Surfip - Riphishot Type:Water/Steel
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    Shinou Map!!!