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    Abortion - Under what circumstances should it be allowed?

    If it came to my body, I would like the choice to do whatever I need. I'd like others to have this choice, too. If an abortion is going to be cheaper and safer, then I want to have that option. There are a few things I would consider with this: how much money is it going to cost me to raise a...
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    electronic music thread

    Kind of sounds like those Dada Life guys with that really rugged buzzsaw lead. This is out now for those that really like their music dark and on an IDM sort of flex: http://boomkat.com/downloads/887660-name-pending-isolation-ep Name_Pending programs a some of his music in an Excel spreadsheet...
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    Best Nintendo handheld console?

    My favorite has to be the GameBoy Micro. It came out in the same year as the DS so it was eclipsed rather swiftly. It's rechargeable, has a back-lit screen, and is pocket-sized (smaller than most flip-phones, at the time). I used to play Pokemon with the unit in my pocket since you can bind the...
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    Why does sonic have so many autistic fans?

    I'm thinking it's this.
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    What are you nitpicky about?

    I'm OCD about sentences that end with prepositions (like this thread title).
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    electronic music thread

    This one's out now & it's a beauty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-9OYezHqpQ
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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    They're not. They are homosexual. They are also pedophiles.
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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    Certainly. That means that homosexual is also a pedophile. If he was just attracted to young girls, he would be a heterosexual and a pedophile. Homosexuals and heterosexuals are not pedophiles. Pedophiles are pedophiles.
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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    Pedophiles are attracted to the underage. That is not a matter of gender- or sex-specific orientation. It is age-specific.
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    If I could go to school for the rest of my life, I would.
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    Nintendo releasing the same thing over again. What?

    They could remake every legacy title for every new platform with various sequels if they pleased and I would still buy every single one. I love Star Fox, F-Zero, Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Bomberman, etc. It could even fundamentally be the exact same game but with new levels...
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    Feminism & Rape Culture 2014: My Post is Up Here Guys

    I don't think I said it was incorrect. If I did, that was my mistake, but I think it's clear in the two posts you quote that I say someone is less qualified when they lack knowledge and/or the living experience. Not incorrect, but, under-qualified. Certainly, anyone that understands what...
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    Feminism & Rape Culture 2014: My Post is Up Here Guys

    That is certainly the case when it applies. Gender is a vital aspect in gender-specific experiences. It is literally everything because it is the fundamental basis of that experience. I think your use of the word expert is a bit strange, however. I would say that a friend of mine that works for...
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    Feminism & Rape Culture 2014: My Post is Up Here Guys

    This would [pretty close to] be mine, as well, because psychological experiences are so complex an nuanced even to an individual level. You can only really understand what is a shared part of a living experience.
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    What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

    I'm listening to this music podcast right now. :D https://www.mixcloud.com/STFO/20140112-the-sunday-skank-out-with-riglow/
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    What manga series are you reading as of now?

    I just started reading Ubel Blatt. It's kind of like Berserk. Very dark, violent, and there's some sex, too. As the story goes, 14 heroes went off to defend humanity against evil magic. 3 die and the remaining 11 split. 4 are regarded as betrayers and are killed by the remaining 7 who return...
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    Feminism & Rape Culture 2014: My Post is Up Here Guys

    Men can't really know what being a woman is like. That's inherent to the gender-specific experience. Again, the same can be said for women in relation to men. Men and women can understand the parts of the opposite gender's living experiences that are unisex or not gender-specific at all. Even...
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    Feminism & Rape Culture 2014: My Post is Up Here Guys

    That's irrelevant. You have either experienced something or you have not.
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    Feminism & Rape Culture 2014: My Post is Up Here Guys

    I don't think there's any vagueness in experiencing something or not.
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    Feminism & Rape Culture 2014: My Post is Up Here Guys

    You are as qualified as your knowledge and experience. So, if you have not experienced something, then you are clearly less qualified. If you receive knowledge from someone that has experience, you are less qualified than them because, while you have the same knowledge, you lack the same...