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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    Spiritomb as the rock floats about with it coming out from it!
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    Pokemon Platinum on WiFi ?

    Yeah it sucks. Its WPA :( I am going to bring a CAT5 cable to plug into the router to change it when I get back (am at home this weekend) But at least at home I have WEP and pkmn wireless. :D
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    Using the PKMN center more than potions, revives etc.

    I buy moomoo milk and bottles of water. I tend to stock up and keep stocked but only use stuff if I have to to conseve money for getting other things like pokeballs and stuff.
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    Getting Your Wii or DS Online

    Can I point out that while the DSi has WPA compatibility most DS games don't. So to get online in pokemon you need to change from WPA encryption to WEP. That stumped me last night for ages!!
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    Pokemon Platinum on WiFi ?

    I cannot get my pkmn plat to get to wifi internet yet the internet works fine on the DSi web browser so its a bit confusing. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    Got it on sat.. special edition with a metal tin :-) And I got the combo walktrhough / pokedex (I want it for the 'dex w/ moves list!) Am in the flower place as I'm at my GFs so other things to do that play 'pooter games ;-) Liking it sofar. A bit disappointed that short of trading there is...
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    Pokemon Competitive Metagame Discussion

    Its a bit like magic the gathering there is the build which crushes ALL except its counter. And then there are viariations on that. However then there's people (like me) who have something completely different which screws up everyone because i) they didn't expect it, ii) its 'useless' so...
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    Why the tier hate?

    Question ; where to i find a list of these tiers? And are they more biased towards older or newer games and finally is there any consensus online as to what pkmn are in them?
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    "Smarter" Wild Pokemon?

    Definatly smarter although some do dumb things... one zubat would use supersonic when my pkmn were still confused... I guess it was counting on me being not confused after 2 rounds... sneaky blighter
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    Are you sick of Cheaters?

    well they are idiots in honesty. What is the point in cheating? All it means is that you are a 'good' cheater. You're not smarter or better at a game. Not exactly something to brag about...
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    Do robots have rights.

    Embryos dont and so robots definatly shouldn't. They aren't even unique.
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    Well done Judas, good old Judas!

    There were actually 2 Judases... Judas Thaddeus... aka St Jude the Patron saint of Lost/Hopeless Causes and Judas Iscariot who was the treasurer of the group. There have been historians who claimed that Jesus in his wisdom arranged with Judas so that he could get to the high priest as there...
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    Best Way to get 'Original Pokemon' ?

    Even trading with someon who has FRLG and who has say transferred a charmander and say bred/cloned it with a ditto? They still couldnt trade me one?
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    Best Way to get 'Original Pokemon' ?

    Hello, My DSi should be arriving by the end of the week (knock on marrowhack-skull) and I'm going to get Pokemon Platinum as there's not much point getting Pearl/Diamond. Short of going out getting a GBA, a 3rd gen game and another DS to put the 3rd gen game into and trading to my dsi, what...
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    UK Pokemon Tournament - Manchester Summer 2009

    As I am only going to be getting back into pkmn with Platinum I won't be able to attend :-( Plus I'd prolly get pwned. That said I recall that there used to be tournaments YONKS (about 10 years ago) for R/B/Y and that was when I was in IRELAND. So the UK simple *MUST* have some pkmn...
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    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    yeah 10 days left til my first new gen pokemon game....
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    Team Plans in General

    Metal Scyther Umbreon Dragonite Haunter The fire starter and I'm sure I had a water one too... (man I'm rubbish at the names) However I'd be tempted to Go with a lot of Eevee evolutions - espion, umbrion, flareon, vaporeon jolteon and lefeon just for a themed setup
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    The hardest starter to beat the game with?

    Charmander as the first two trainers are tough for him, but then Charizard pwns !!
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    Psychic Type too Uber?

    Yes they were... and as the Ghost Pokemon were all Ghost/Posion they were strong against Psychic with ghost moves but paradoxically weak against them also...