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    A Short Guide To Posting In The In-Game RMT: Required Reading For The New Members

    A Short Guide To Posting In The In-Game RMT: Required Reading For The New Members I’m going to open up with a little disclaimer; in no way am I saying that you can’t do what this thread tells you not to. I’m just trying to make it easier for people to understand how the section works. Don’t...
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    The Heroes Club

    OVERVIEW Hello all, this is a club where fans of the show Heroes can discuss it freely. With the new series out, I thought this would be a good time to make a club for it. I was suprised with that there was no thread already. Anyway, if you like the show, this is the place for you. RULES...
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    Is This A glitch In My Friends Game

    My friend has a shiny Ditto (that's right, shiny) and every time it tranformes it turns into a random shiny Pokemon, not the opponets. I have no idea why, but is it normal, or a glitch? Unfortinitly, I have no proof, but I swear this is true.
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    My Even Newer Final Team

    Well, I have been trying to make a good final team, my first one had a MAJOR Earthquake and Stealth Rock weakness and evantualy died out before I could fix it, and my second one did'nt get enough feedback, so heres my third, and hopefully last, RMT: Flygon@life orb Mild...
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    Darkrai's Demension Book 1: Darkrai appears

    O.K. this is my first FanFic and it is a journy fic (well, sort of). It takes place in sinnoh and in later "books", Jhoto. It is going to have a total of 3-4 books, and each one is going to have around 20 chapters. So, here's the first chapter!: Prolaluge, 1,000 years ago: Arceus stood on a...
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    Rate This Team

    I'm going to be battling {fcc} stelth and need advice, but simply if this team is good or not. You can fix whatever you see wrong, but I think this team is pretty good: Electavire@Expert Belt adamant 252atk/252spd/6HP cross chop t-punch ice punch EQ standerd Vire, nothing speical...
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    The Power Of 2

    Well, this is my first fanfic. The Power Of Two will be rated PG~13 because of a small amount of death and some swearing spread out. All though it starts as a Journeyfic, after awhile it changes so don't be suprised if the begining is nothing like the end. I know your propaly are thinking "When...