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    Battle Tower, Missing 1

    DP Team for battle tower, missing one member if anyone could suggest a good fit, suggestions appreciated. O and i'm not particularly into EV training: Gliscor@Leftovers Brave Swords Dance Earthquake (STAB) Stone Edge Roost Classic Dancing Tank set. SD then EQ/SE whilst Roosting any damage...
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    Harry Potter Opinion.

    This is gonna be closed by a mod but i wanna post it anyway? Anyhoo after going on harry potter Wiki just check out the Peverell family tree i found this: As you can see harry and Voldemort are (distantly) realted. So how come this was never mentioned in the books?
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    The Offical NHL Thread!!!

    After noticing an NFL thread i decided to make The Official NHL Thread! Post anything about the NHL here! to the Mods: If there already is an NHL thread then feel free to close it.
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    Banner help!

    I recently made a banner that i would like to put in my signature but i cannot seem to upload it! I made it myself so its in my documents not on the web. Could someone tell me how you upload your own images into your sig?? (in this case my breloom banner)
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    Competitive Team v2 +1

    Ok i've revised my team for Shoddy but i need the last Poke to finish it of. Here's my team: Heatran@ Shuca Berry Naive Nature EV'S: 252/SPD/252 SPATK/6 HP -Stealth Rock -Earth Power -Fire Blast -Explosion Salamence@Life Orb Naive Nature EV'S: 232 ATK/252 SPD /24 SPATK -Dragon...
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    Competitive/Shoddy RMT

    Hello! I built this team on Shoddy so i haven't finished it yet but i'm training them for wi-fi but i wanted to know what you thought! Heatran@Focus Sash Rash EV'S: 252 SPD, 252 SPATK, 6 HP Stealth Rock Earth Power Fire Blast Explosion Foucs Sash means i can set up SR at the very...
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    I hope this is the right place, if not i apologise. Anyway could anyone tell me what the Parafusion strategy is and how to use it, i've bin hearing it around a lot and a need a decent answer rather than a one-liner in the deluxe help thread.
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    Scizor Lv 100 Stats

    Um i know it's not sposed 2 be here but i just wanted to know what people think should be the Baseline stats on a lv 100 Scizor with a NAUGHTY (+ATK - SPDEF) nature With Ev's in ATK AND SPEED, I was thinking: HP: 220-260 ATK: 310-340 DEF: 250-270 SPATK: 140-180 SPDEF: 140-190 SPEED: 180-...
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    Anime pic help

    Avatar Pic help How do you get your avatar to be a pic from the anime. All i can get is a bleedin sprite!
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    Electivire BT

    I couldn't find the singles part so i'll just put it here! Could you please rate my Electivire? btw i hav a mate who has Platinum so i cud get ice punch etc, but im NOT breeding for moves! This electivire is special as it is my FIRST EVER lv 100 that i didn't give loads of rare candies too...
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    What happened to Nando?

    Hav you noticed that apart from RIGHT at the start of the DP series we've not seen Nando? When we first saw him we thought Dawn's male rival but he's dissapeared. Wazzupwithdat?
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    Crobat BT moveset

    Could you please rate/Advise my Crobat. I was thinking: Crobat@? ? (Nature) Inner Focus Hypnosis Dream Eater Brave Bird Cross Poison Ok puts the Poke 2 sleep Dream Eaters away any damage and attacks with STAB Brave Bird and Cross Poison. So watya think?
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    Dp bt rmt!

    RMT for BT in DP (i'm mainly using this to get BP) o and i'm not going to post EV's Alakazam@ Life Orb ;065; Synchronize Calm Mind Focus Blast Energy Ball Psychic Get him in, CM up then let loose with AMAZING SPATK, moveset is for some variation so he could have a go at sweeping...
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    2 BT movesets

    Can someone give me 2 good movesets for Jokteon and Weavile for the BT. Thnks
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    Garchomp Counter 3

    i didn't know where to put this so i've posted it in differener places. Anyway could anyone tell me the best counter for Garchomp. (Thats all)
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    Garchomp Counter 2

    i didn't know where to put this so i've posted it in differener places. Anyway could anyone tell me the best counter for Garchomp. (Thats all)
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    Garchomp Counter

    i didn't know where to put this so i've posted it in differener places. Anyway could anyone tell me the best counter for Garchomp. (Thats all)
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    Toxicroak Rain Dance Moveset Help?

    Can anyone give me a moveset for a Toxicroak on a Rain Dance team. The rest of my team is: Electrode@Focus Sash Static Rain Dance Thunder Explosion Taunt? Ludicolo@Life Orb Swift Swim Hydro Pump Fake Out Energy Ball Ice Beam Kingdra@Leftovers Swift Swim Outrage Hydro...
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    Help/Rate my BT Team! PLEASE!!!!!

    I'm making a team for BT and could anyone give me some help with it. This is what i've got so far. (BTW this is going to be tested so if it works i'm going to use it in competetive.) Anyway it's a rain dance team. Electrode@? Static Rain Dance Thunder Selfdestruct ? The idea is to...
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    Help with team?

    Ok i really need help with my team (mainly items etc. but watever). My record is 32-30 on wi-fi and i'm struggling getting any consitency, can anyone help. any ? i leave means that i need that space filling in. Oh and i'm not putting EV's in. anyway here is my team: Electivire@Shell...