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    To me, my X-Men! (Haha no, not really) Ebenzener's X Squad!

    Hey guys! I challenge people online via Battle Spot and play with my friends in real life. I guess that makes me a semi-competitive player? Haha. My philosophy is to play with my favourites and do the best that I can with them. Espeon @ Rocky Helmet Modest, Magic Bounce 252 SpAtk, 252 Spd...
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    Rate and Review My Ghost Team, Please.

    This is my deaft for a party based on Ghosts, with a few other Pokemon mixed in to throw the opponent off guard. Please R&R. I need a lot of help with items, too, because they're the only thing that I just cannot understand. Thanks in advance to all those who would help. All help is sincerely...
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    My Planned Ghost-Psychic Team

    This is the Ghost-Psychic team that I plan to use in the future. Please R&R so that I won't make any mistakes (like using up a TM that is the only one of it's kind 0_0). Thanks in advance. Dusknoir Male @ Spell Tag Pressure Ice Beam Fire Punch Shadow Punch Curse Spiritomb Male @...
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    My Pearl Team (Before Candice)

    Here's my team. I have not defeated Candice, the seventh gym leader, and I'm still training. Comment, please, and thanks. =D. Roselia (Female)@ Big Root/ Lv 39 Ability: Poison Point Giga Drain Toxic Spikes Cut (I intend to replace this with Sludge Bomb ASAP) Grasswhistle Roselia could...
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    MP3 Player Problems!!

    Let's say there are 69 songs on my MP3, and I upload two songs. After uploading the first song, there are 70 songs on my MP3, but after uploading the second, my MP3 now has only 59 songs. Why does my MP3 delete other files to make space for new songs? Also, it still has 707MB left inside it, so...
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    Free Topsites Host?

    Does anybody know of a decent topsites host that is free?
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    Removing Blogger.com navbar?

    Removing Blogger.com navbar / Affilate? As with most Blogger.com blogs, they have a navbar at the top of their sites. How do you get rid of this navbar? It really messes with my layout (http://www.freewebs.com/strungparadox). EDIT: Anybody interested in affilating? =D.
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    Rate My Ludicolo?

    FYI, it's on Emerald. Ludicolo Ability: Swift Swim Rain Dance Leech Seed Surf Ice Beam and it's partner.. Metagross Ability: Clear Body Thunder Psychic Metal Claw Agility
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    I'm allowed to shamelessly plug myself here, right?

    It's not a Pokemon website, but hey. http://geocities.com/strungparadox http://geocities.com/strungparadox Comment?
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    Serebii.net layout?

    How does Serebii.net do its layout? Does it use frames?