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    Wonder Trade Stories

    I usually wonder trade off my spare pokes when i'm trying to breed out something good. For instance, about 20 or so lucky people are going to get well bred ha baton pass torchics. I've gotten such great pokes from w trade that I'm always giving back. There's so much more a breeder can give to...
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    Dad There's Something I Have to Tell You

    I do too, son. They are best baked with ketchup. Dad, Why are you wearing that?
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    catching difficulty

    I noticed the same with my premier balls. I like to keep a ton of em around for spamming when I'm feeling too cheap to use an actually valuable ball, and I've noticed the catch rates seem to be a bit more harsh with them. There's nothing we can do about it though, just keep chucking balls i...
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    Daycare System

    Idk... Most of my money goes to daycare....I think they're well off.
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    Starters Discussion Thread v2

    Froakie all the way. A dark/water ninja pairs perfectly with the fire/fighting blazkin i'll have from the dlc event. that....and Fennekin's cry sounds like a chiwawa to me... I will enjoy squishing it.
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    #147 Dratini / #148 Dragonair / #149 Dragonite

    I am looking for an extremespeed male dratini. I can offer DWF slowpoke dratini eevee, bagon, kabuto, porygon, riolu sigilyph, bronzor, suablu, igglybluff, beldum, drilbur, magikarp and remoraid, or any of the starters up to gen 5 in addition to any specific requests. (just let me know and i'll...
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    Dream World Trading Thread

    I'm seeking dwf of totadile and chimchar, as well as dwf lapras, snorunt, mr. mime (mrs. mime?) ditto, murkrow, tangela, solosis, foongus and aron. I can offer DWF slowpoke dratini eevee, bagon, kabuto, porygon, riolu sigilyph, bronzor, suablu, igglybluff, beldum, drilbur, and remoraid. I also...
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    #263 Zigzagoon / #264 Linoone

    I'm looking for a zigzagoon/linoone w/ pickup. The higher lvl it is, the better. I can offer dw beldum and dwf slowpoke, or many pokes in g4 that i can breed for you, but i cannot pokeshift them yet.
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    Count to 60 Before Somebody With Under 20 Posts Comes

    11, because 1 is the loneliest number....(darn min post count)
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    my fc in B2 is 2667 5335 3152

    my fc in B2 is 2667 5335 3152
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    #436 Bronzor / #437 Bronzong

    I have ut dw bronzor for trade. pm me if you're interested
  12. Z

    #487 Giratina Altered Forme / Origin Forme

    I have a ut dream world Giratina. pm me with your offer to trade.
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    #079 Slowpoke / #080 Slowbro / #199 Slowking

    i have dwf slowpokes for trade. pm me if you're interested.
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    #374 Beldum / #375 Metang / #376 Metagross

    I have some dw beldum if anyone's interested. pm me to trade.
  15. Z

    #333 Swablu / #334 Altaria

    I have plenty of dw swablu. I can provide females for breeding. They are from dream radar, so I can't provide them RNG'ed or with egg moves.
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    SuperWho Trade Shop

    Hey, I have a dragon dance/dragon rush/rock slide salamence. I see you're not interested in already trained/used pokes, so i can breed you one in your desired nature/etc. In exchange i would like you to transfer those moves to a new egg for my 5th gen game. RNG preferred, or at least good IV's...
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    Pokeshifting Thread

    I'm looking to pokeshift some poke's from platinum to b2. I have a lot to offer in platinum, but little in b2, so please bear that in mind if you would like something. It wont be many trades, just some eggs to help my career in b2, and perhaps something to spice up my trading outside of...
  18. Z

    #425 Drifloon / #426 Drifblim

    I have dream radar driftloons. pm me for trade.
  19. Z

    #447 Riolu / #448 Lucario

    I have plenty of dream radar riolu's with prankster, including one that's jolly. (none adamant so far, but i do have a modest one for that rare special variant) Pm me for trade.
  20. Z

    Monster Hunter

    I got the 3ds mainly for monster hunter 3 ultimate. XD