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    Who's your favorite 5th Gen Pokemon and why?

    Im tied between Haxorus or Zoroark. Haxorus is one of the coolest pokemon as it only have one type, Dragon and it has a good attack and nice base stat. Zoroark has one of the coolest ability in the game and a good base stat.
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    Not yet I was hoping to buy it this weekend

    Not yet I was hoping to buy it this weekend
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    Which Starter Will You Pick? (and Why?)

    I pick Tepig. I like the way how fire type starter pokemon were designed. And, tts evolution looks amazing.
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    What is/will be your team?

    After doing a lot of thinking about what will be my main team for pokemon black, I decided on these ones: Emboar: I always choose the fire type starter pokemon. Unfezant: I like choosing the regional bird everytime there is a new generation of pokemon Excadrill: I like how it has good...
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    Hey all!

    Hello! Welcome to the Serebii Forums! I hope you have fun talking about Pokemon, playing or talking about the TCG.
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    What will you do differently?

    Maybe I just get a team of the three Johto starters or maybe the Kanto starters! Then I get a Tyrannitar, Dragonite (or maybe Crobat) and a Fighting Type or Psychic Type pokemon (or maybe a pokemon with both types) I will name my rival his real name, Silver.
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    Your Craziest GTS trade?

    So far, I traded a LV 3 Lotad and I got a LV 1 Larvitar with Pokerus! That will help me in EV training!
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    If you were a gym leader....

    I would be a Dark Type Gym Leader. And, beside, I think there is no dark type gym leader at this moment. Morty and Fantina are ghost type users. So, there are no gym leaders that use dark type.
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    Are you playing as the Male or Female character?

    Im going to be a boy in this game. I dont know why they replaced Kris with Kotone.
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    ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

    It will be awesome to bring it in school. I hope their put a mute button in the pokewalker or I get in trouble!
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    Who's gonna be your starter?

    Maybe I will choose Totodile! I always have the habit of choosing water types.
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    is there any way i can get a bulbasaur?

    Welll, you can't find a Bulbasaur in Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum but you can receive one in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. You can also get a bulbasaur by importing from the GBA games such as FireRed and LeafGreen. Another way is by trading. Many people will gladly trade you a Bulbasaur in the...
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    Metronome is it useful or not?

    Metronome is a random move . You need luck to get the best move you want or you end up fainted.
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    Pokethlon VS Contests

    As in the poll, I'm waiting for the US release of the games and I can't wait to play the pokethlon games!
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    What is the hardest non-legendry pokemon to find and catch?

    Good thing that in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you can find a Feebas in the pokewalker. Not only that, it will be easier to evolve it.
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    Ygo Adv: Is there life on Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaars?

    Is this a zombie synchro deck? Where the synchro monsters?
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    What is the hardest non-legendry pokemon to find and catch?

    The pokemon that I can't find and catch was Munchlax and Feebas. They are too hard to find. Beldum was an easy capture. I used a Dusk ball when I played at night.
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    Hello, Trainers!

    Hello! I am Dark7. I am not really used to introducing myself but I joined this forum because Pokemon is a fun game to play and I use serebii.com to help me with training my pokemon. I play pokemon since I was five. I hope I get used to the forum as quickly as I can. Anyway, nice to meet you!