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    White or Black? (and Why?)

    At first I wanted Black since I like Reshiram more than Zekrom, but I ended up getting White in the end. I don't use legendaries (this is actually my first time using one as a regular part of my team with Victini) so that helped with my decision. The nature theme and version exclusives were more...
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    Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

    I don't normally do nicknames for my team, but I decided to give it a shot this time. Stormfall - Samurott: I chose this nickname because it felt fitting. I got the idea from Kingdom Hearts; named after one of Aqua's keyblades. Cello - Leavanny: I love the cello; it's lovely. It just...
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    Are you playing as boy or girl?

    Name: Kaykey Gender: Female Nature: Gentle Class: Lass I usually always play as a girl since I am one. I'm using the nickname my best friend came up for me as my ign. :) And I actually like both the male and female character designs in this generation.
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    What is/will be your team?

    My team is in my sig. and it's probably not very balanced. :b but, here's the reasoning behind it. Daikenki - at first, I didn't like Mijumaru and was most likely going to pick Tsutarja. But even though I like the grass starter's final evolution, I like Mijumaru's more. Plus, more often than...
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    I guess I'm seeking out opinions...if you have one, it'd be nice to hear because I'm very lost and don't know what to think. The person I like...mmm it's a mess when it comes to them. We dated for a long time, broke up, and now we want to get back together (or so I thought?) but can't right...
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    That's cool. How are you?

    That's cool. How are you?
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    Hi new friend. :] You like Bad Romance? Lady Gaga?

    Hi new friend. :] You like Bad Romance? Lady Gaga?
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I finished Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days about a month or so ago and then started a new game.
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    What is you favorite Anime?

    Sailor Moon, Aishiteruze Baby, Tenchi Muyo...haven't seen a lot...and a lot of what I've seen were crappy dubs when I was younger.
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    Your favourite music.

    Off the top of my head is: No Doubt Paramore Evanescence Tokio Hotel Nickelback Green Day Maybe Muse. I dunno. Haven't heard enough of them. There was another band too I haven't heard enough of but their name escapes me...
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    Caption The Avatar Above You {v.02}

    Ahhh! Yay! It's MINE!
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    Official "Claim your Favourite Game Character" Thread - V.4

    Xion/ Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Pseudo Lovely [11/07/09]
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    Wow. A lot seems to have happened since I was last around. How is everybody doing? Anything solved or getting better?
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    The Offical "Claim a Video Game" Thread - V4

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [NDS] - Pseudo Lovely [07th November 2009]
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    What was you're first Final Fantasy game?

    FFX for me. :] it was awhile back though. My friend's mom got me into it lol.
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    Ditto that. Things are...ok. You?

    Ditto that. Things are...ok. You?
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    Which Bird Starter?

    I like Staraptor best. It's just...awesome out of all the birds to pick from in this poll in my opinion.
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    First of all, it's retarded, not retarted. If you're going to insult, at least try to do it properly, not make yourself look stupid. Or in this case, retarded. And if you don't like gay people, don't even post here. Duh. Simple as that. Stay away and post elsewhere. Not here.
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    The anime characters that you hate.

    I agree with this. I hate Max. He was extremely annoying and stupid and I wish he had never been added. What was his purpose? To be an annoying pain and a know-it-all? Seriously. He was like, a brat I just wanted to slap. May was kind of dumb too, but not nearly as bad as Max. Ugh. Thank God...
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    ~* SPPF Bishie Thread *~

    Riku from Kingdom Hearts - Pseudo Lovely