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    rip general chat thread 2011-2014

    Goodra is a slime girl.
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    Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer! Version no.?

    Because the Sun is on vacation. Why do Ellie and Kries hate me?
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    Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

    That kissing tho'. I ship two of those couples, hate two, and don't know the other two. xD 7/10.
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    rip general chat thread 2011-2014

    Wow. Never thought I would be moderately offended by SPPf staff.
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    rip general chat thread 2011-2014

    It was for like the first second and a half after seeing it. *Cough* I mean I only answer BIG questions. Leave the small ones to Ellie.
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    What Would You Do With That?

    Chew on it. Espurr
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    rip general chat thread 2011-2014

    You JUST NOW answered a small question. I'm telling Ellie on you.
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    Press CTRL+V

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    rip general chat thread 2011-2014

    Tankx. :3 That's what it's there for. Just imagine Espurr saying: "I like to rip the wings off of Butterfree... For the fun of it."
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    rip general chat thread 2011-2014

    Perfect avatar
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    Wow, I'm incredibly flattered! Thanks for the complement! I just decided to revamp my profile...

    Wow, I'm incredibly flattered! Thanks for the complement! I just decided to revamp my profile after a Skype call with some friends, concluding that Espurr is creepy and cute as hell. xD
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    Creative Presents!

    ^^ Yeah I think it's a cute idea. Plus it's an excuse to use Photoshop, and I absolutely loveeeeeee Photoshopping. :3 Well, some pages are hand written, and some are digital, but I'm gonna go to a printing place and get the whole thing printed on nice photocopy paper. Here, I'll show you the...
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    Your favorite internet meme.

    Right now, as my signature suggests, I really like the meme about how Espurr has evil, murderous thoughts. cx
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    Let's Pretend

    Hang one someone seems to be ringing my doorbe-OINK! Ninja'd I would be having a life right now if this were the case. Let's pretend all age restrictions were flipped. (i.e. can only drink until you're 21, can only smoke until you're 18, can only consent until 18, can only drive until...
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    Destroy the Block of Bedrock 2: Bedrock Brotherhood

    I put Larvitar next to the bedrock because Larvitar eat mountains.
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    What are you nitpicky about?

    Everything? xD One thing comes to mind right away: My laptop keyboard always manages to have a crumb or an eyelash or something stuck in a key, and I HATE that! I spend way too much time cleaning my keyboard.
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    Creative Presents!

    Hey guys, I know it's not QUITE holiday season shopping time yet, but I'm looking into it very early this year because... I finally have someone to do something for this Christmas, and I want to make it really special. Maybe you guys can help me brainstorm! What are some ideas for some...
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    Official Signature Check Thread - NEW: CHECK OP TO LEARN HOW TO SELF CHECK IMAGES

    I haven't used animated images in my signature before. This one has a good 70-something frames, but the file size is still relatively small. Am I A-OK with my signature?
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    The last movie you saw

    Rewatched the original Thor on Netflix in anticipation of the new sequel this Friday. :D
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    First Thought

    Scrambled eggs for breakfast. Mmmmmmm! :D Terrible fanfiction.