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    Attack on Titan

    I'm not a major anime fan (I really only like AoT, Wolf's Rain, Pokemon, and Full Metal Alchemist), but I am almost obsessed with Attack on Titan. The fighting, the awesomeness...ahh, so wonderful. And LEVI. Freaking the BEST! I love Levi. And Mikasa. And Eren and Armin are cool as well. I...
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    How long does it take you to get ready/Do you have a routine?

    On a good day, it takes me about 10-15mins to get ready for the day. All I do is change out of my pj's, brush my teeth, brush my hair, deodorize, and I'm good to go! I'll usually accessorize with earrings and a necklace and sometimes a bracelet. It takes me less than 20 mins. Like right now...
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    Why did my post get deleted?

    I posted on the general Pokemon discussion forum asking what was the longest anyone's ever had a Pokemon (like, have they kept a Pokemon since the first generation games), and when I went to check on it again, it wasn't there. Did I do something wrong?
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    How long have you kept a Pokemon?

    I wonder if anyone here has a Pokemon passed down from their very first game? (IF it is possible), say you had a Pikachu from Pokemon Blue, and you kept trading it to each new game that came out, and finally you still have that same Pokemon on your new OR/AS game. So? How long have you kept...
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    *is new*

    Well, mostly. I had an account a few years ago, but I was inactive. I'm back and looking for new friends + battle buddies! My name is Savvy or Wuff or Savvywuff. ;059; I'm almost 22, and I like to battle! And Arcanine is my favorite. So uhh...hi. I'm not ready to battle just yet (training...